November 8, 2007


Week #4 Shaw2.0 – November 8, 2007
The week that was. It was an extremely busy week…and a lot people (myself, other staff and the students) around the school are tired (the first quarter just ended, the time change happened etc.), have the flu or a cold which made for a really tough week.
I decided that it was time for me to be more positive, so I am killing everybody with an upbeat attitude, actually wearing a tie (I had one teacher say I was becoming an administrator :) ), but something strange started happening, the more I talked positively and didn’t let the negativity hold sway — I noticed that others did it too. I am not saying its all about me or that I did anything great and wonderful, but I am saying don’t let the negativity continue around you, because it will bring you down too.
As for what’s happening in 2.0 land. This week we continued working on, using my blog there and showing the students how to use email. We also created an “igoogle” homepage as an academic start page to the internet. Most of the students did really well, once we moved out of my room (away from the 1996 Gateway computers) to the computer lab with much newer Dells. They were also very interested in how to do this and were having me going back and forth between the computers trying to setup the page, I needed rollerskates. Lots of work to ensure they have the gadgets, that I wanted them to have, they are under the impression that they can’t change, what I have given them…that knowledge will quickly change.
Enough so that in my seventh period class which only has 2 kids (aren’t I lucky – a class devoted to teaching just 2 students) both of them earned a simple computer generated Certificate of Achievement for their insight, work and willingness to put themselves out there, when responding to the blog entries by me and each other. It didn’t cost a cent, took very little time, but you should of seen their faces light up :) and it gave them something for their portfolio at the same time. Sometimes I just get too busy and forget this simple thing, that really does mean a lot to my students, so I am making a conscious effort to do more of this for them.
We also played around with google docs and each student has created a document there and sent out invitations for others to collaborate with a fellow student, me and the tech coordinator. We are making a lot of progress, but sometimes I get frustrated with the level of technology in my room, and having to leave the classroom, but even with working within the constraints of what we have, we are doing so much more than just a month a ago. We are going to try quizlet tomorrow for the first time, so that will take a little bit of time for them to get used to it, but I need to be patient and not expect miracles the first time. I continue to see, so much about how we can improve thing technology wise for the students, am really impatient to implement everything.

I have been trying to use a wiki //http// to develop stuff for the classroom, but at the same time, I don’t really want to get it too far into it, as I think that Moodle has many of the same functions that I am looking for and I am getting trained on it in Dec. Moodle might be coming to our school if the techno guy and I believe that it is a good fit, useful and easy to use and the powers that be agree. Does anyone out there have thoughts about Moodle good or bad.?

Now if I could just 2.0 land to write that Written Notice that I need to get out tonight.

That was this week — Harold

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