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Month: January 2008

Education Predictions for 2008

REPOSTED FROM MY THOUGHTS ( 10/25/10 I was wandering around on Google Reader and this blog site came up as recommended and I started reading the overview page of “The Big Question” which […]

Falling Off Roof & XO Reflection

REPOSTED FROM MY THOUGHTS ( Well today was an interesting day, I shoveled around 3 1/2 feet of snow off my garage roof, which took almost 4 hours to finish […]


REPOSTED FROM MY THOUGHTS ( Hi Everyone – well the first day back at school started with an hour’s delay. I had 14 inches of snow in the dooryard and it took me almost […]

2008 Goals

REPOSTED FROM MY THOUGHTS ( 10/25/10Well the new year is upon me/us. I have several things that I am going to accomplish this year, but I am going to limit […]