2008 Goals

REPOSTED FROM MY THOUGHTS (hshawjr@blogspot.com/haroldshawjr.com) 10/25/10Well the new year is upon me/us. I have several things that I am going to accomplish this year, but I am going to limit myself on this list.

1. Loose weight (isn’t this the number one goal for a lot of us). But I for some reason each Sept – Dec, I go into what my wife kindly calls “slothdom”. I didn’t do it as bad as in past years but it was bad enough. So here are the beginning of the year stats:

January 1, 2008 stats—Target Stats by April 1, 2007
Weight: 181————-160
BMI: 28%, ————– 23%
Blood Pressure: 139/95 -110/78
(the highest of my life)
Pulse rate: 55. ———- 48

I have made a pact with Bill (another teacher) that whichever one of use looses our agreed upon weight first will get a $100.00 gift certificate to EMS. So I begin my lifestyle change today. I have specific things that I will do, but they are too long to put into this blog. Now if my wife would stop baking (homemade Cheesecake isn’t something to be refused). I guess it starts again tomorrow :).

2. Learn at least one new software/application per month. To start this month I plan on learning more about Moodle and learning how to Twitter, I have had a hard time with getting interested in Twitter (I have tried a couple of times), but “everyone” seems to be using it?????? Not sure why, it is not visually appealing and seems very clunky to me? I guess I will learn why so many are using it by doing it. What comes after Twitter I don’t know yet, maybe someone out there can give me a few ideas.

3. Continue to integrate Zoho suites into my life. I start using it a little in October and have continued increasing the usage a little more each month, I really like the interfaces and just “discovered” Zoho Notebook and it will change how I do many things. The problems that I have is that it doesn’t format the Special Education forms that DOE in Maine requires correctly(and again the privacy in the cloud issue, I won’t prep stuff with student identifying information in here). Also, today and yesterday showed another weakness, I wanted to go in and draft up this blog entry and Writer is not available and still is not this evening meaning I have not been able to access Writer for more than 24 hours which is simply unacceptable to someone who has to have a word processor available “on demand”. Therefore, I wrote this in Google docs, which I really don’t care for, it doesn’t maintain the formatting to my requirements.

4. While I really am attempting to wean myself from Microsoft Office (I just never really liked 2003)…that said I will probably buy 2007 for students and teachers sometime this year. It is still the industry standard and if I wish to remain current, I need to be able to utilize it.

5. Professionally – prepare myself for the future and teach to prepare my students for their future. I will use less: lecture, drill and kill, useless writing; to using Moodle to intro my students to online classrooms and to more authentic exercises that will be actually useful to the students. This is more work on my part, but I really believe that it is important for me integrate more technology into their lives.

6. One last goal is to prepare an electronic portfolio, that captures my teachingstyle and abilities.
7. Look at Linux a little more closely, I won an XO Laptop from Chit.at (haven’t received it yet), so I will get to play around with Linux a little bit and find out how it compares to Vista.

While some of these are not very measureable (not smart goals), I will know when I meet them. I also have not put any relationship goals in this list, because they are between those people and myself only. 🙂

I hope you keep your New Year’s goals (I refuse to call them resolutions) as well as I am planning to.


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