Falling Off Roof & XO Reflection

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Well today was an interesting day, I shoveled around 3 1/2 feet of snow off my garage roof, which took almost 4 hours to finish it all.
As I was stepping on the ladder to climb down, it slid and I went for a ride.
While the ladder was sliding down and as I flipped over upside down, I watched my right leg go between the rungs of the ladder, but luckily when the ladder hit the other snow bank, I fell straight down through and didn’t break anything), I laid there for a couple of minutes checking everything out and seeing how badly I was hurt.  I didn’t bust anything, but it felt as though I damn near separated my shoulder, scraped up my legs pretty good and my back muscles hurt, boy am I sore and stiff now! I can’t wait until tomorrow morning, it will be a lot worse, but I will live through it!

Well to get back to education related.

I have played with the XO Laptop a few times since I got it and I definitely won’t be getting rid of my Windows based laptop anytime soon.  If you plan to stay strictly with the programs that are pre-installed it works well.  But I found Sugar clunky and the Linux OS installed just didn’t seem user friendly.  I attempted to install Firefox and Thunderbird for Linux, but still have not figured out how to do so.  It might be a real simple thing if I went ahead and did some reading, but it certainly wasn’t intuitive and I gave up after about 2 hours of attempting to do this.  I will give the XO a few more attempts, but for my uses it seems as though it is not really something that I would use all that much.  A great concept and for its intended audience it will be fine, but to more advanced users (and someone with larger fingers), it seems very clunky to me, and not very useful, especially if you can’t modify it to meet your needs.

I have been using technology since the old Vic-20s and MagCards and have had several computers and used different operating systems, so it isn’t like I am a newbie to all this technology.  So as part of my “change” since October is that the new applications/software or hardware that I use needs to be user friendly.  If I can’t simply start using something without a huge learning curve then I probably won’t use it.  The XO seems to be falling into that category – unfortunately.

Well sometime in the next couple of weeks, I have to put together my Moodle lesson plan so that will be prepared for my February training that will allow me to access the Maine DOE Moodle Website and I can start using it in my classroom.  My first order of business will be teaching my students about blogging.
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