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After checking out my feeds this morning and checking out the Learning in Maine Blogsite Jim was continuing to say how good they are, I decided to listen to the first one (I like to go in order). I really enjoyed their first episode and spent a good part of my morning listening to Jeff ‘n Dan at wickeddecentlearning


I got through Episode 1, 2 & 3. They are very insightful and actually fun to listen to – I smiled a couple of times, learned a couple of new things and had a couple of things to think about. Therefore, I feel it was worth listening to (I can only hear about the Patriots vs Giants so many more times) . That being said — Go Pats.

It was my first experience with listening to a Podcast. I of course have heard and read about them, but just hadn’t ever taken the time try one. It to me in this case was very similar to listening to a talk radio show without the ability to call in.

Recent episodes from podcast – wickeddecentlearning:

  • Episode 5 Competition in the Classroom
  • Episode 4 Workin for Tha Man
  • Episode 3 Midyear Reboot
  • Episode 2 One and Done vs. Resubmitting
  • Episode 1

Based upon the first 3 episodes, I would recommend listening in on their podcasts — they have value. Their blogsite is

Podcasts themselves…they are time consuming, I can read an article or blog much quicker. I also find myself getting lost…going away from the “cast”. If I do that, I can imagine my students doing the same thing and not “getting” what is being talked about. I can see their uses but I don’t know how much I personally would use them and how they would fit in my curriculum. But I will keep an open mind and try one when the opportunity presents itself. — Harold

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