Week 1 – not teaching – June 2008

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This is my first week as a “non-practicing teacher”.  I have noticed that my priorities and interests are changing quite a bit.  Typically during my first week of school vacation, I try to wind down and up my exercise output significantly, but due to my leg, still haven’t started running a great deal.  I am not visiting my usual websites, blogs, video site or trying out “new” software/web apps related to education.  I am not listening to any podcasts except for WICKEDDECENT LEARNING on my iPod.  I am just not doing things related to education that were so much a part of my life before.

Also my wife took this week off to “motivate” me to get a summer’s worth of “honey dews” done in a 2 week period. I have done more this week around the house than I usually do in 1/2 of the summer vacation…some vacation huh.  She figured that I would have just lazed around the house this week, like I usually do on the first week – She was right, I would have.  So been really busy on house chores this week, maybe can slack back a bit next week, she goes back to work Monday.  😛

So what priorities are changing that when I am online, I am not visiting education sites, reading all the blogs (I have cut education blogs to under 20 from over 50), that is another thing that I am doing, culling my education related feeds (down to under 5), bookmarks (left Diigo bookmarks alone (you never know),  links, files and other related material.  Doing this was quite a trip down memory lane, I worked so hard to find this information .
I was just starting to get interested and had established a bit of an identity in Second Life (Therin Sideways), but in the last month, I just haven’t had much interest in going there and haven’t visited at all this week.  Maybe next week.

I still follow my Twitter – feeds in TwitBin, but for some reason, I don’t get involved in the conversations like I did in the past…but I want to keep in contact with many of the people on here – I have learned so much and “met” some really fantastic people who took me out of the egg carton teaching rut I was in.  But I imagine that as I get further into my new position that I will have some decisions to make…I seem to do okay at around following a max of 200 Twitterers, but get overloaded after that point, so as I add people from my new Professional Network that I will develop, I will be dropping some Twitterers that are not as active.

I am seeing a lot about NECC though and while I wasn’t going, I probably would have participated by U-Stream and volunteered to help out with some the Second Life stuff that is being planned but I have no interest in participating now..  My main Conference is already over and now I have a Board Retreat to go to next week to focus on.

I was invited to attend the MEA Bias review meeting in August and had to send a declination email back, it was kind of strange, because I have worked so hard to get included in these type of meetings and now I am turning down the opportunities to attend them.  Oh well, new possibilities await me. 🙂

One thing that I am increasing is my Microsoft-centricity…I was told that my new job is very Microcentric, so I am getting myself re-acquainted with Microsoft products, except IE7, which just seems so clunky after using Flock for the past 3 months — (thanks Clay B for pushing me to use Flock and Twitter). I have added Plaxo and Xobni to Outlook and I really like the added functions they give me.  HMMMMMM maybe a couple of blog ideas?
This is basically a “flow of consciousness” blog post to give some insight into what’s going on in my head, now that I am no longer a practicing teacher (I will always be a teacher).

The other big thing I am doing is following the Boston Celtics – Drive for 17 :).  One more win!!!!!  Been a fan since Henry Finkel took 5 minutes out of his life for a bunch of 10 year olds at the Bangor Auditorium back in the Russell Glory days.

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