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We finally did it, broke down and bought our own Kyaks. We have borrowed other people’s and have always enjoyed it. But we looked around yesterday, thought about it overnight (a good financial strategy, if you still want it in the morning, and can actually afford it – go for it), went out to Belgrade Canoe & Kyak and purchased two.

They are basic Kyaks — Old Town Otters, but we don’t plan to do white water and only want them for streams, easy rivers or some lake stuff. So these should last us for many years. This all came up to less than we thought, so that was a good thing. Here are some pictures of the rest of the day.

We had a lot of fun and paddled around for over a hour an a half. My shoulders feel pretty good and then we ran 2.0 miles when we got home, so I got my exercise in today 🙂

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