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On a whim I saw this link on Twitter and decided to take the 20 question survey to see which religious belief system I have most in common with according to this survey.  I was rather surprised at the results…the number 1 belief system that I matched up with was Neo-Pagan (maybe it comes from reading so much sword/sorcery fantasy and magikal adventure (DeLint) books???  Not too concerned though with a label that a short survey may pin on me, but thought the results were interesting.

It took me less than 5 minutes to complete the survey, so I basically answered with the first thing that came to my mind without thinking about or re-reading the question to ensure I understood what the question was actually asking versus my first “brush”, which could have skewed the results.

Actually the Unitarian/Universalist sounded more in line with where I think I am at this moment if I was to practice any religion.  So if you added the Karmic piece to the Unitarian beliefs, it would probably be fairly close.

But at this time my religion is my own business and not up for public discussion.  Perhaps latter on down the road, I will open that book for others to see and discuss the many ways I will probably end up in less than interesting places according to some religions.

Your Results
The top score on the list below represents the faith that Belief-O-Matic, in its less than infinite wisdom, thinks most closely matches your beliefs. However, even a score of 100% does not mean that your views are all shared by this faith, or vice versa.

Belief-O-Matic then lists another 26 faiths in order of how much they have in common with your professed beliefs. The higher a faith appears on this list, the more closely it aligns with your thinking.

1. Neo-Pagan (100%)
2. Unitarian Universalism (92%)
3. New Age (87%)
4. Reform Judaism (85%)
5. Liberal Quakers (84%)
6. Baha’i Faith (79%)
7. Mahayana Buddhism (74%)
8. Sikhism (72%)
9. Jainism (69%)
10. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (67%)
11. New Thought (67%)
12. Orthodox Judaism (67%)
13. Scientology (67%)
14. Hinduism (59%)
15. Islam (59%)
16. Theravada Buddhism (57%)
17. Secular Humanism (56%)
18. Taoism (53%)
19. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (50%)
20. Orthodox Quaker (50%)
21. Nontheist (37%)
22. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (32%)
23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (31%)
24. Eastern Orthodox (24%)
25. Roman Catholic (24%)
26. Seventh Day Adventist (20%)
27. Jehovah’s Witness (10%)

I thought it was an interesting survey and results.  It seems that I don’t have a lot in common with the typical American religions that are popular or mainstream.  I guess as usual I am a step out of beat with the majority in this country, which is usually where I find myself.
Take the survey if you dare, the results might surprise you and make you examine or re-examine your beliefs????  If nothing else, it gives a quick synopsis of other religions and belief systems – a learning opportunity.


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Blogging – Belated 1 Yr Anniversary


     It doesn’t seem possible, but I have been blogging for over a year now!  I was doing housework and realized that on October 21, 2007, I wrote and published my first blog entry.  It wasn’t all that exciting looking back at it.

“I just want to talk a bit about how difficult it is to teach in today’s world. How do you decide how to teach with Blogs, Wikki, Open Source, Proprietary, Google, FaceBook, YouTube, TeacherTube and everything else that is out there to “help” you teach. All these things that I am just starting to see, but not yet use in the classroom. I am willing to start, but am feeling very overwhelmed.
Technology is not new to me, I have been using computers since the old Vic 20 with a cassette tape as an OS, but I am a bit intimidated about using all these web based applications to “assist” me in my classroom teaching.

If anyone out there can assuage my uncertainty or give me some helpful hints to help me be successful ;)”

     A great deal has happened since that first blog!  First I am no longer a teacher and the concerns I had about many of the Web2.0 applications turned out to be groundless when looking back. 

      I blog usually 2-4 times a week, since I left education, I still really haven’t found a niche that I actually enjoy writing about, so I just write whatever strikes my fancy or interest at that time. I do miss the camaraderie that I experienced online between teachers that is going on as write this (I am seeing many of the people I met, still discussing things on twitter).  I am not and will never write professionally or make money while doing this, so my blogging is just me publishing my thoughts – a personal thing that  I do enjoy and plan to continue.  I have tried most of the different blog sites WordPress, Edublogs, Live Spaces, etc. and seem to keep coming back to Blogger where I started a year ago.

    I use Facebook but not that much, I like the premise of LinkedIn much better, but dislike their interface and inability to make my profile – my own (even something as simply as prominently linking my  blog is difficult to do, but it seems they are getting looser and are beginning to allow plugins, so hopefully it will soon loosen up to make my section more my own.

    All the uncertainty that I felt when I wrote that first blog has gone away, I write pretty much what I want, I have been a gadfly, a PIA (you figure it out), a teacher who was getting a lot of great information and once in a while contributing a thought or two, to just another blogger, putting his thoughts into the web.

     I do want to thank Craig Suttie who got me started on this journey, Sue Waters who had the patience to help me out more than a couple of times, Clay Burell (did I spell it right?) who really got me to really use Twitter, Richard Byrne who has turned into more than just an online contact- keep turning out the suggestions, Mark Spahr who gives solid advice on a variety of subjects, the boys at WickedDecentLearning who still make me laugh, even though I am not a teacher and all the others who have helped me on this Blogging/Web2.0 journey.   Finally my wife for putting up with me being on the computer too much.

    I wonder where this next year of blogging will take me?  Probably some places I never would have thought.  It sure did this year.

Thanks everyone!

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I just haven’t had time to really write a blog entry for over a week.  It has just been crazy…life got in the way.  Let’s give the boring details:

  • Wife’s RAV4 1997 with over 200,000 miles on it decided that it need some fixing (a lot of fixing),  after looking at the numbers we decided it was time to look for a “new to us” car.  We really hated to buy a different vehicle right now, but didn’t have a choice. We looked around and decided to buy a 2003 Subaru Baja – not new, but loaded and very versatile.  The picture below is the same color and everything.


Picture taken used from:,6543,0,0/2003-Subaru-Baja_Photo.aspx

We both really like the C-ruck a lot (as Al @ACAR calls it)

  • Then while doing our annual servicing of the furnace, we found out it had a crack in the firebox and needed to be replaced.  That is what I did all day today, worked at home and helped the guy put in the new furnace.
  • My Dakota has been leaving a trail on the garage floor — I thought it was the transfer case dripping a little bit, when I took it in for an oil change on Monday, found out that the transfer case/transmission seals were trashed and in addition they recommended replacing the fluids in the transfer case and transmission because they had been contaminated.
  • Then to top it all off, the microwave stopped working  — had to replace that.
  • So it was just one of those week’s along with everything going on at work, was just really stressful.

Then as I was writing this post, twitter started announcing the terrorist attacks in Mumbai – my hopes and best thoughts are given to those who are under attack.  It is just a sick feeling in my stomach.  It kind of puts my whining above in perspective — it doesn’t mean shit.

People are dying, being held hostage, having property destroyed and I was complaining about having to spend some money for material things.  This brought me back to reality and thanking all that is good, that I have so little  to actually complain about compared to what is actually going on in the world around us.
Good luck Mumbai and all those who are affected by this terrorist attack.

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