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017 (2)Today I lost a very, very close friend, her name was Sheema.  Yes she was a Terrier and something mix almost 14 years old, she has been a part of my daily life for almost 9 years now and was my most loyal friend.  She was there to greet me at the door anytime I went out, slept at my feet most nights and was there for me whenever I needed some cheering up.  When I first met Mary, Sheema adopted me and I became her “human”.

Sheema was one of the most even tempered dogs, I have ever met or been around, she minded voice commands most of the time and was great around people after the initial barking to let us know that someone was here.

She had been declining pretty rapidly over the course of the past two weeks and last night she had an episode that really concerned us.  Today when as soon as Mary got home from work, she called me to say she was taking Sheema to the vet to see what was wrong and was leaving right then.  I had a very bad feeling that it was something serious and immediately left the meeting I was in and rushed from Augusta to Waterville.  I won’t say that I was speeding too much, but I got to the Vet’s office a few minutes before they got there and they were already half-way there.  Sheema was so weak that I carried her into the office from the car.

It was a very, very emotional time and by the time the Vet came in and took Sheema out to have X-Rays, I was thinking the worst.  When he came back with the results, it was horrible news.  Sheema had a football sized tumor in her abdomen that had probably gotten into her spine and was the cause for her problems.  The Vet offered a few options, but the only one that made sense was putting her to sleep.  This was a very difficult decision but it was the correct decision, because she was definitely in pain and was having problems walking and having bowel movements.

We all were very emotional, I don’t usually cry easily, but Sheema is my friend and an important part of our family and I shed my share of tears today.  No she was not a human being, but that does not mean that she wasn’t loved.  We called Christie to let her know what was going (Sheema was originally gotten for her) on and what we were doing.

After the call Mary and Katie said their goodbyes and  We cried some more and then Mary and Katie left.  I was there at the end and she simply went to sleep.  I have to admit I really broke down for a couple of minutes (I never was too good at the emotion control thing).  Sheema is no longer in pain and she is now buried in where she should be.  My family is in mourning tonight.

I will miss many things about Sheema, but thing I will miss the most is her just being here, she was a good friend.  I guess as I get older things like this affect me a lot more and hit much more closely to home.

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