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This was such a beautiful day that we decided to play hookie on work around the house and go hiking on our favorite local trail.  Round Top up in Belgrade, Maine.  This was the first hike in a long time that I didn’t suffer afterwards.  Usually after each hike the back of my Right Achilles where I injured it in the roof fall almost two years ago is very painful.  I had suspected it was caused by the irritation of the height of my hiking boots and today proved that was the culprit.  I got a new pair of Earth Shoes that I can use as both work and hiking shoes and tried them out.  At the end of the hike (which has a pretty quick but steep climb in the middle) my leg didn’t hurt nearly as much.  Hopefully this relatively minor adjustment in equipment will now allow me to hike without having to pay the price for doing something I love to do.
Here are some of today’s pictures

Mary and Katie coming up the trail

Me sitting up on a big rock unfortunately you can’t see how big the rock was and the lighting was pretty tough

Animal burrow and it’s leavings right beside the trail.

Mary going up the trail

Interesting rock formation on the way up the steep part of the trail

Good picture of us

Good sized snake for up here in Maine, was over 2 ft long

Me beside a big rock that I had my picture taken the first time we walked this trail

To show that we were on the trail 🙂

We are almost back to the trail head (20 more minutes) and I just liked the lighting in this picture.
It was a glorious day for a hike and I am sure glad we decided to go instead of doing house/yard work.

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