This was my last day at the Maine Commission for Community Service which is a part of the State Planning Office in Augusta.  Below is what I sent out as my goodbye message:
“Hi everyone
As another chapter turns in my life I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has worked with me during the past 15 months, I have been at the Maine Commission for Community Service.  
The AmeriCorps Grants Program Officer position is all about establishing strong relationships with the Commission’s partners in and out of government, interpreting/implementing and enforcing rules or regulationsand working as part of a team to increase what we might accomplish together.  I believe I was successful in my efforts to accomplish this, but I could not have done it without your assistance AND at times patience.  I want to thank you for both.
I am much more of a people person and really enjoyed the interpersonal side of being the Grants Program Officer.  I believe that returning to teaching will more fully utilize strengths that I have and will begin teaching at Lawrence Junior High Monday, October 5thNo vacation or rest for the weary.
So I wish you all the best!
For those who would like to stay in touch with me I can be reached at
See I am not really that old dour Grants Program Officer you all thought I was J, well maybe slightly old.  This is just the side that not many of you got to see…the teacher having some fun and showing the kids it is okay to be yourself.”

I know that I have used this picture a lot lately, but it really just fit this particular post.

I did learn a lot during the past 15 months I was at MCCS, but as I said in my message that my heart is in helping kids. So here is to my first day on Monday, I just hope that my first day there is as good as my last one here.

I wish the team at MCCS all the best and to everyone I worked with over the past 15 months, I have learned a lot about life and how hard working State Employees are and how the stereotype is not at all accurate.

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