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What technology brings...

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I just participated in #EDCHAT onTwitter.  It was confusing, frustrating, exhilarating, exhausting, inspiring, awesome and did I mention that I missed 3/4 of the exchanges.  But you know something I loved it!!!

A bunch of educators who want to improve the classrooms we all work in.  I loved that there were so many passionate teachers trying integrate technology.  I also found out about TweetGrid which was the only way I could have followed EdChat otherwise, have on my speed dial now.

This is one of the reasons that I wanted to come back to teaching and the educationfield, I missed the thought provoking conversations that I used to have online and in some areas of the school.

The biggest thing that I will take away from tonight was/is:
That “leadership is the single most important factor affecting the successful integration of technology” into the classroom.

I consider Leadership to be the most important factor affecting education in this Country.  Will they take us the safe and easy way with minimal improvements or will our leaders step out and go beyond safe and lead us to new heights.  I am not optimistic at this time, so it has to come from the local levels and build up from there.
I feel passionate about what I do once again, it is good to be a teacher again!

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