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While re-imaging my Mac I had some time to go back and look over my blog to see where what direction I have been heading – you know that looking back to see where you are going kind of thing.

The more I look, the more I find that I am whining and complaining way too much about educational policy stuff, that I will have no impact upon.

I have had delusions of grandeur that someone important might just read something I write here and that my writing could influence that person just enough to make a positive change in Education policy or better yet allow that person the epiphany of changing their view to agree with mine.

Talk about your wishful thinking…I have worked in Washington and Augusta at various times in my life and realize that the appearance of listening to the public on issues is an art form, in many offices of government.
It is too easy to delete or edit opinions that diverge from what the policy they want implemented or to dismiss them as a minority fringe that does not reflect the majority voice.  Decisions are typically made in an office somewhere, prior to public participation with room to make minor tweaks to say that they listened to the public’s input.  Sad to say but that is the way things usually work.

The reality is that what I have been writing in my blog really won’t change what is going on at those levels, those decisions have already been made long before I add my two cents into the blogosphere.

Quite simply, lately I have been playing at being a Donn Quixote in my blog.  That needs to stop, I am simply wasting time that could be better spent at learning and sharing my experience or skills in other areas.  I need to re-focus my blog in areas that I have some skill, experience and knowledge or want to improve my skills in those areas.

Let’s see I am a Teacher first and foremost, who is certified to teach Special Education and HQT in Social Studies (History), English Language Arts and Reading, a technology geek and I am willing to learn more about all them.  So I am going to re-focus back on these things in this blog.

The three things that I want to get better at and share on my journey to be a better teacher will be:

  1. how I integrate technology, test preparation (sorry it is reality) and UDL into my Resource Room classroom and how it changes what and how I teach.
  2. how changes to Special Education Laws and rules affect students and teachers and strategies I use to either implement or process all that paperwork we love so much.
  3. my geekiness and the tools/software/web applications I use to maintain that geekiness.

I plan to also write once in a while about what I do to blow off the stressors that come with being a teacher.
I am going to try to be more practical and less policy oriented.  All the whining and complaining about policy isn’t doing anything except wasting my time and stressing me out.  So now to stop being Donn Quixote and just be Harold Shaw – Teacher.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t contact my Congressman or Senator or attempt to influence things, it just means I won’t do it very often on this blog, unless I put a big rant alert up front.

So Donn Quixote go home and let me work on being a better teacher.

Have you made a difference today? How?