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This is something different for me, I am in a hotel that does not have internet access – it surprised me because when we stayed there last year they had wireless internet access.  This is the first time this summer that I have not been online in a while.  Yes I could go down to the McDonald’s or the Coffee Shop, but I don’t believe that I will.  I will play it the way I used to before the internet became a pervasive part of my life.

It should be a change for me, no surfing, no reading other people’s blogs or my Google Reader, email (unless I peek on my iPhone which has 4 bars), but also no updating  my blog or using Google Docs.  It is strange in some ways relying solely on what is on your computer, I haven’t done that in probably at least 3 years.  While the cloud based applications are usually pretty great – they aren’t worth a darn if you can’t connect to the internet.

It just reminded me of the importance of having decent desk top software for those “infrequent” times when you do not have the wonderful internet available.  So today, I am using Blogo to type this blog, Keynote to work on my Introduction to Blogging  Presentation and gMail to check answers for some policy questions.  But it kind of sucks because a lot of my notes are in Google Docs, which no longer supports offline use and I bookmarked a lot of sites in Diigo.  I guess that I will have to just use my memory and then up date my presentation as I need to later on.

You really don’t realize how much a part of your life the internet has become, until you can’t access it when you expected to.  This is actually a good thing, it will make me appreciate what I have just a bit more.

It is about 4 hours after I wrote the above part of this post, I now have internet in my room!  I have become so used to having wireless – it is just a part of wherever I go that I forgot to check for a data jack, it was there, right behind the desk.  So this little time without internet (when I actually had access the whole time) was a good thing to remind me of a couple of things:

  • Sometimes we get so used to one form of technology that we assume that everyone has the same thing and often they don’t.
  • Look around before I assume something.

But the good news was that I got 70% of my presentation on Intro to Blogging started while I “wasn’t able to go on the internet”.