Wow!  Blogging is really starting to take a back seat to other priorities.  Between trying to finish up the rest of the honey-doo list and attempting to get ready for school there just isn’t enough time to write very much here.
I have learned from prior experience that during the school year I can only effectively follow around 150 people on Twitter and between 50-60 feeds in my Google Reader.  So I have gone through each account and closely looked at my subscriptions and who I am following.  I did have done my before schools starts purges/unfollow of my Google Reader and Twitter accounts:

In my Google Reader – I have gone from:


While 68 Google Reader subscriptions are a few more feeds than I like almost 10 of those are either school related or my blogs, so those don’t really count (trying to justify being over 60).  The great thing was that I found so many new blogs that I did follow this summer, but having 90 to 100 feeds to read every evening on top of my school stuff and having a life at home after school 146 were too much for me to keep up with.  So I picked out the ones that I read the most and canceled the rest until next summer.

I have found so many new and great people to follow summer, who have added immensely to my PLN, but I just can’t keep up with that many people in my Twitter feeds and maintain the level of conversation that I want during the school year, I just don’t have the focus or time to do it.

now I have

If I am no longer following you, please do not take it personally, I do this every 6 months or so, when my Twitterverse becomes too overwhelming for me.  I try to stay close to 150 and there are so many people that I feel that I want to follow that 200 seems to be my new goal number.  So I have room for 12 more.

Does anyone else do this – purge or pare down their readers or who they follow on Twitter every so often, so you don’t feel so overwhelmed by all the information coming at you.

Just one more thing about getting ready for the school year, downsizing the amount of information coming at me.  There are only 15 days before 7th grade orientation.