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I have been using Google Docs quite a bit over the course of the past year and have finally discovered Templates.  I have found some that I really liked and wanted to share them.  They are mainly Google Form documents, but I have started using the Reading Log daily in my room.  I have modified each of the forms a bit to meet my needs, but wanted to give credit to the original template owners and I have  included links their versions of the template:

Activity Rating Scale By Kmfaucher:

I really liked this Google Form, I used it this week to find out more information on what my students like and want to do this year.  A couple of the questions that it asks are:

What topic would you like to learn more about this year?

I would like to learn more about other Country’s and what they do and how they live. How to use the lab top morei would like to learn more about laptops and how to clean it history cause i like it.How to keep up with all my classes idk .astronimysportsI want to learn about cats with pictures.I would like to learn more about Reading I would like to learn more about spelling and word descriptions. bikes and auto mechanic. I wan’t to learn more about animals.

How do you feel about reading? Be honest! Explain why you feel that way.

I don’t like it unless i like the book and enjoy it, because i just dont like to i would rather be outside.i dont like it because it gives my a headechi dont like it that much because it takes forever to read a long bookreading is fine but i just dont like that much .Reading can be fun but when i get done some thing BORING I want to do some thing fun and well some times reading isn’t fun.i like gives me som inging to do!i think it is ok becuose it dipens on what i’m reading.I don’t like them because its boring. I hate reading because it boring like a text books, but if it short

These two questions provided me a lot of information on the attitudes towards reading, what the students might be interested in and a quick look their writing levels.

Independent Reading Log By Bsdlisahuff

I really like this Reading Log and have modified it slightly to meet my needs.  That students can add a link for any online reading they do, is an added benefit.

Student By Steves_aor  Student Information Sheet

This is actually a pretty good student information sheet to get all the info that we teachers need, especially if the school’s data base is acting wonky that day.  I went in and simplified it for my needs, but it is a good starter to get the information you will need.

Learning Style Survey By SuperTechThis is a relatively simple Learning Style Survey, but I wanted it more for the whole class information than the individual results.   The overall class Learning Style came out as follows:

A.  108 – Visual learner. You remember best by using your eyes.
B.  102 – Auditory learner. You remember best by using your ears.
C.  150 – Doing learner. You need movement or activity while you study to remember best

The students in my ELA RR classroom are predominantly learners who need to be doing an activity, not just sitting there listening or watching what is going on.  I am not surprised by these results after watching the classes for a few weeks, but at the same time it was nice to see my impression validated to a certain extent.

WHS IEP Feedback Form By Marychhs

This is a Form that I have modified a little bit to meet the needs of my school system and I am going to try it out for the first time this week.  I think it will provide me a lot of good information for preparing for a Pupil Evaluation Team (PET) and the Individual Education Plan (IEP).  I am really interested in how the other teachers will react to this form once I start using it?

These are the Google Docs Templates that I have found that I like and use right now.  Does anyone else have good gDocs Forms, Docs, etc. that they would like to share?  As I start creating more gDocs templates I plan to share them as gDocs Templates.

The gDocs community is growing and providing each other with great resources.
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This week was one of those weeks that just overwhelm you.  Between school and some other issues going on I haven’t been posting or even participating in Twitter.  Hopefully, over the next couple weeks things will sort themselves out and I can get back to blogging and tweeting.
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