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I have mostly ignored Blogging, Twitter and participating in my online PLN for the past three weeks, due to some medical issues in my family.  Today we got some great news from the doctor and hopefully now I can stop dwelling on those issues to the exclusion of almost everything else and get back into a more normal routine.
Due to my over-active imagination, along with the stress of waiting and wondering about what the results of multiple significant medical tests results would be, most nights I was getting 2-3 hours of sleep.  As a result of this I felt completely overwhelmed on more than a few occasions with everything that I was facing personally and with the start of the new school year.
It seemed as though I barely had the energy to do just what I had to do at school and for the most part didn’t have any motivation left over for other things such as blogging, Twitter or even maintaining my exercise regimen.
Putting it simply, I have been in survival mode. While I met my commitments, I just didn’t have the energy to do much more than that.  Many of those new and neat things I wanted to start in the classroom this year, class blogs, student blogging, more student choices, online testing, didn’t get started – I simply couldn’t do many of the things that I had planned.
Somethings had to give and I simplified my classes and made them much more structured and teacher-centered than I had originally planned or wanted.  Which in some ways may have been better fit for the students I have this year.  I can add-in the other things at a much slower pace as the year goes on.
When someone you love has possible medical issues, it is amazing how your priorities change and what you once thought was important becomes relatively unimportant so quickly.  At the same time as a teacher, I still had to come in and not let my personal life affect my classroom too much.
I guess the old saying that once you open the car door and step into the parking lot, no matter what is going on, teachers have to try to put on their best face, fake it and not let what is going on at home show through too much. For the most part I think I was pretty successful, but there were times, I wondered.
This last three weeks has really made me stop and look at what is important to me and how I want to spend my future and I am going to make some changes over the course of the next year.  It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds.
Things are looking up and hopefully, I will sleep soundly for the first time in almost three weeks tonight.  While it was definitely a tough time for us…good medical test results are a good thing.  You really find out who the people are that you can rely on during times like these and I do want to thank everyone who provided support to us during this trying time.

“Do the right thing for the right reason”