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A lot of people in my PLN have been talking about and making videos in something called Xtranormal.  I have watched and chuckled more than a couple of times at what has been created.

From what I can see the Xtranormal videos can be an excellent learning tool, they get your point across and also allow a great deal of creativity.  I was on Twitter the other night and @McTeach was discussing how she was going to make one and I had asked her to send me the link when she finished.

Creating the video was fairly easy, the hardest part was getting the gestures in the right order/timing.  I had a couple of miscues, but kept them in there to show my students that I am not perfect when it comes to creating things.  Sometimes good enough is good enough.

I can see several possibilities for use in the classroom and a couple of my students, I am sure would turn it into an “interesting” parody of Mr. Shaw’s class or something less than appropriate.  But those are challenges that I believe are worth showing my students Xtranormal.  I can see a lesson in our future called Conversations with Mr. Shaw – using Xtranormal as the basis.

One suggestion is to write the script in a word processor like Google Docs or Word first.  While the script editor is fine, it does have some limitations.

I wonder what my next video in Xtranormal will be.

What have you done to make a difference today?

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