This week has been one of those tough weeks, we were regularly scheduled for a 4 day week, had an early dismissal Tuesday and a 2 hour delay to start school today, with the possibility/probability of another snow storm on Friday. Also, Friday is the last day of the quarter (like it is in many other schools) and several of my students are really stressing out over it, because they haven’t been quite as diligent as they needed to be in getting all of their work in to their other teachers
. IMG_0036-2011-01-19-18-16.jpg

I have decided bump a few things around and also look at what we need to focus on in the abbreviated times that we have available before the 2nd quarter ends. More to the point, I am looking at what is important tomorrow? Therefore, I plan to change things up a bit for them:

  • Check-in
  • Vocabulary – cancelled until next week
  • Silent Sustained Reading – I have some students who would fight me now, than miss this – they win ☺
  • Grade the teacher day
  • Content Area work that is missing (this is not a study hall, but an opportunity to get caught up with my and my teaching assistant’s help).
  • Digital Safety Poster – if everything else is caught up, but have to show me on our Infinite Campus site and have passing grade in other classes.

I think that this change will help the stress levels for a majority of my students and also give me another opportunity to see and focus on how they are doing with the other classes. I have also been thinking for a long time about when I could get the students to do a “grade the teacher” day and so I can have some feedback about how they think I am doing for them. In all honesty,

I believe that this change of plans in my will be in my student’s best interest and will provide me with some feedback to see where I need to improve as well. WIN:WIN Situation.

What are you doing with your kids the last day or two of the 2nd quarter? Is it necessary or useful to your students or you? Think about it. My new favorite quote: What we need to make schools be – a place where success is possible and where impossible successes are a reality.

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