Ice Storm of March 7, 2011

There was about an inch of icy slush on the road when I walked the dog at around 5:30 this morning, so I was really glad that called off school and I didn’t have to drive in this mess.

This afternoon we took the dog out for his afternoon walk (slip and slide) and I took the following pictures with my iPhone 3G, so I apologize for the quality, but they give you an idea of the ice on the trees. All the pictures were taken in Sidney, Maine.

IMG 0130

A couple of white birch leaning over and blocking the road, someone had cut enough of the limbs so they drive under them, can’t wait for the town plow truck trying to go through to sand the rest of the road, luckily it is a dead end about a 1/2 mile from there.


IMG 0122
A tree in the yard

IMG 0133
A picture of how much ice is on the trees and this also means on the electrical lines, we have lost power for short periods already and I am half expecting to loose it as the wind picks up tonight.  We were hearing trees snapping and breaking already in the woods as we were slipping and sliding, err walking.

IMG 0137
Bennie and my wife

IMG 0141
The road next to the house.

IMG 0123
Another picture of the yard.

I know that I don’t like ice storms at all, but I guess it is better than the 24 inches of snow that they are getting in northern Maine.

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