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Month: April 2011

April in Review

April has been a very good month for me. I got a lot of things straightened out in my online and offline worlds, which has resulted in making a lot […]

Special Ed and AYP – Does Not Compute

So it begins here in Maine, a high performing school from a higher income community meets all the NCLB requirements to meet AYP in all regards, except for their Special […]

Week In Review – April Break

Mike’s Ural Motorcycle // April break is over and I am getting ready to get back in school mode, but it was a successful break in my opinion.  I got […]

YES – I Can Do The Work

Image via CrunchBase  // I did a post on “Do The Work” and in it I touched upon some of the things that “Do The Work” made me stop and […]

April Break is Over

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr Today is Saturday and April Break officially ended yesterday and I need to get back into school mode. In other words: correct […]

Do The Work Review // I subscribed to Seth Godin’s The Domino Project back in March, which offered a free download of Steven Pressfield’s “Do The Work – Overcome Resistance and get out […]

Goodbye Flock

I find this notice more than a little sad. I had heard that support for Flock was going away, but until today, I didn’t realize that it would be so […]

Mobile Me Review Update

Image by javierkio via Flickr  // Back on March 11th, I reviewed Apple’s Mobile Me and felt then that it was a niche application, that doesn’t really do anything that […]

Firefox 4.0 – Review Update

Image by TAKA@P.P.R.S via Flickr Back on March 26, I did my initial review of Firefox 4.0 and how impressed I was with it then. It has been almost three […]

Why I Changed my Personal Blog

Why have I changed my personal blog to “My Thoughts too″? but I am keeping One Foot In Reality as my primary blog. Over the past few months I have […]


Image via CrunchBase I think that anyone who has read my blogs in the past can tell, that I do like/love Google products. For the most part they are uncomplicated, […]

Today I Felt Like a Teacher

Image via CrunchBase Today was one of those days that teachers live for. I enjoyed pretty much the full attention (as much as or more than I expected) of three […]