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Month: May 2011

Week in Review – May 29, 2011

Image via Wikipedia I made it through the week!!! It was the first week back after having knee surgery.  I had my regular schedule, plus three IEPT meetings ended up […]

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions we all make several hundred every day.  We decide what to eat, wear, go or do without putting too much thought into how we came to those […]

Memorial Day – Do You Remember

Image via Wikipedia This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and it has become the unofficial start to the summer season.  It is the weekend where many will go to the […]

Where is the off switch

Have you ever just felt “tired” – I am. This is a bit of a rant, but also request for some help, if you don’t want to read anymore stop […]

What do I Want as a Teacher?

Image via Wikipedia What do I want as a Teacher? That is a good question, but there are not any easy or simple answers: I could talk about wanting to […]

Recovery Mode

Image via Wikipedia The knee surgery went really well. No the picture is not of my knee, but it sure does look the same (except mine is about twice as […]

I am Not Writing Tonight

Image via Wikipedia I have all of these great blog ideas and a new blog that is about 85% where I want it, yet tonight I don’t have the focus […]

The Week in Review – May 15 2011

It was a good week, but a tough week.  We had standardized testing for two days, which disrupts the daily routine, which in turn — well you know and a […]

Symbaloo – More than a Start Page

Image via CrunchBase Back in the dark old days of surfing the web we were pretty much tied to one computer or browser because that was where our “homepage/start page”, […]

Blogger is Back and We Over-reacted

Image via CrunchBase Blogger is back.  The past couple of days Blogger has been down and this has caused waves across the Blogosphere and other places about the dangers of […]

iPads at a Conference

Image via CrunchBase On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending #EdCamp Boston and during the conference I noticed something that really surprised me. The number of iPads and sessions […]

EdCamp Boston Reflection

May 7th was EdCamp Boston. Before yesterday I had heard all of these conversations from educators in Twitter about the EdCamps they had attended and had even signed up for […]

Week In Review – May 8th

This has been a really good week, a lot of things are moving forward: found out the date for my knee surgery – May 17th (not thrilled but it has […]