Rhubarb Processing is Finished

On Wednesday, I was up in the Palmyra, Maine area and got a Subaru Baja’s bed full of rhubarb.  I am lucky that my sister’s neighbor has a huge rhubarb patch that they don’t use at all and every year or so, I get to go get as much as I can carry back to the house.
One of these years I will get a picture of the patch and how much I throw in the back of the Baja or the truck.  Anyway it was a little later than usual this year and we were under pressure to process the rhubarb into useful food or drink products.

We usually make the rhubarb into a non-alcoholic cordial, sauce, freezer bags and keep some stalks in the fridge, for whatever. Below is a photo collage of the process.

The first batch to chop up

Tools of the trade

More chopping

Straining after boiling

Protection from the critters who shed hair in the house, while letting the strainer work its magic

2 of the 6 reasons that we cover everything, if we are not working on it (Domino & Joey)

Hurricane Isabelle sitting in front of the strainer protection – no matter how much we run them off, they, just keep coming back 🙂

My wife Mary (SWMBO) boiling the juice and bottling it.

I never realized how red/pink rhubarb juice/cordial is until we started doing this a few years ago.

The Joey protecting our hoard.

The final product

It took us 3 days of very steady work to process nearly 50 pounds of rhubarb. As a result of this we got 39 jars of rhubarb cordial, 4 jars of sauce, 9 quarts of chopped rhubarb in freezer bags and lots and lots of practice washing dishes over and over.

It might not look like much, but these are probably a two year supply for the two of us as long as I am not using a small glass instead of the cordial glass, which I usually do.  I really like the tart flavor and it adds something to a meal in the middle of the winter, when you drink something that you made and know exactly what is in the drink for ingredients, besides it tastes great.

Now to get some thank you samples back to the owners of the patch and give dad his due share.

We just wish that our rhubarb patch was as nice, but we are working on it. It sure would be a lot easier than having to travel over an hour to get the rhubarb, but the price was right and the result is delicious.

Next week is strawberry week and we will probably find something to do with those rhubarb stalks still in the fridge. Strawberry-Rhubarb pie, muffins, mmmm, loosing weight is tough, with Mary’s great cooking going on around me. I just don’t have great will-power – guess that I will have to start moving more.

By the way (SWMBO) She Who Must Be Obeyed is from Robert A. Heinlein’s books and is a joke.

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