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Month: June 2011

I Started Running Again Today – June 2011

Tonight I started running again!!! I haven’t run without significant right knee pain since February 2010. It has been almost a month since I had arthroscopic surgery on my knee and I […]

Who are the Real Bloggers?

Image via WikipediaWho are the “real” bloggers? While reading the blogs in my RSS feed lately and my Twitter feeds I have noticed the following topics dominating what is being […]

Week in Review – June 12, 2011

This has been a pretty good week. At school we just finished up the academic portion of the year, grades closed on Friday and everyone is ready for school to […]

A Foot In Two Worlds

The decision is made and the die has been cast. For a short while longer I will have a foot in two worlds – the one I will be leaving […]

Did You Savor This Past School Year?

Last July I wrote the blog post AFTER NEXT YEAR – WHERE WILL YOU BE? about the uncertain future that many teachers face in today’s world. The reality is that Recovery Act […]

Will Apple’s Updates Limit Choice?

With all the focus on iCloud, the greatness of Lion, and IOS5 by the media, blogosphere and elsewhere. Are there any negatives? I wonder with Apple’s penchant for wanting control […]

I Got Rid of My iPhone

Back in my November 11, 2010 blog post, I asked if I needed a smart phone?  Back then I was thinking about how much or actually how little I used […]

8 Things to do When Leaving a Job

Image via WikipediaI have given my notice and now it is just a question of getting to that final day and how hard it can be. Having been through this […]

The Week in Review – Jun 5, 2011

Bennie & I – UMA hike 6/4/11 This was actually a pretty good week.  I turned in my resignation and decided to go into semi-retirement, got all my standardized testing […]

The Decision Has Been Made

The Decision Today I submitted my resignation as a Special Education Teacher at my school. But why? Teaching is something that I love, enjoy doing and would like to think that […]