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Month: July 2011

Hanging Out Clothes – A bit Zen-Like

Sometimes the simple things cause you to think the most.  My wife does the laundry about 90% of the time, not because I am unwilling, but because she doesn’t like […]

A Day in a Simple Life

There has been a meme going around the Internet about doing a day in your life.  I got tagged, so here is a day in my now much simpler life. […]

Two Hikes in Waterville Maine

We try to do a couple of local trails a week. This does a few things – it gives me an opportunity to get away from the house and the […]

Struggling With Labels

I have struggled with the labels of: minimalism, frugality, survivalist, simple living, being green, emergency preparedness, self-sufficiency and the many other labels out there for the past couple of months. Which […]

My iPhone Plan is History

One of the things that I have done over the past month to simplify my life was getting rid of my iPhone and the $80 a month bill.  Yes I […]

Under the Umbrella of Simplicity

The biggest thing that I keep hearing from the blogging “experts” and many others is that your blog needs to stay focused within a certain niche for it to become […]

RunLog 7-19-11 – Too Damn Hot

This is a two for the price of one runlog.  Yesterday, was one of those days that you do a lot of running around when you finally get to do […]

Has It Been Only a Month?

It has been one month since my last day as a teacher back on June 17th. I can hear many out there saying “what is the difference, you would have […]

One of the Joys of Country Living

One of the “joys” of living in a rural area is having your own septic system. When it works correctly, it is one of those “little” things that you forget […]