RunLog 7-20-11 – A Nice Breeze Coming Back

I got out a bit earlier than usual this morning, we knew it was going to be hot, so I didn’t linger around finishing reading my gReader feeds or anything else, heck I didn’t even check Facebook.  I got on the road at about 8:40 about an hour earlier than usual.  Good thing too.  It was hot and sunny so I decided to do the Brook O/B – the course has a lottttt more shade than my Blake Rd run.
I did really good going through the 2.0 mile mark in 18:31, so I am getting better, slowly but surely. The breeze in my face most of the way back helped a lot too.  Knee still didn’t like that little spill I took the other day, but not nearly as sore as it was.
Walked 3X after the 2.0 mile marker, but still ran the course faster than I did last time.
Now if I could just start loosing the weight, I am staying steady at 185-190 even with the increased exercise and activity levels.  Guess I have to shut down access to the pie-hole for some of the great stuff that Mary makes or least cut down the portion size of what I eat.  That has always been a problem, so either ratchet up a little more activity in the afternoon (i.e. second run) and get moving more.
Even went to the back of garage and lifted some light weights for a while, need to do this more.