RunLog 7-16-11 – I Wasn’t Supposed To

I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I did anyway, I felt really good this morning and ran over 2.0 miles.  I am really trying hard not to get too far ahead of myself and make things hurt, but I tried a new course and it wasn’t in the direct sunshine, so I didn’t wilt after the first mile.  I didn’t run up Quaker Rd hill to the second Steven’ gate.  But other than that I ran right along and no I didn’t turn off my watch when I walked 🙂
The day off yesterday was needed, I tried for at least one day a week off. I used to run for streaks to see how many days in a row I could go, my logs show the longest streak was 213 days, but that was many years ago.  I feel that this is probably better for me anyway.
I even went out back of the garage and lifted – very briefly – hate weights, but I am going to start doing them – a least a little more.