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RunLog 7-19-11 – Too Damn Hot

This is a two for the price of one runlog.  Yesterday, was one of those days that you do a lot of running around when you finally get to do some exercise you are hot and tired. So we went for a hike over behind Inland Hospital in Waterville.

The trails are great, but where it is in town, there are a few more people.  About a quarter mile in, Mary asked if I had locked the car door and I knew that I hadn’t.  We were interrupted by a bunch of kiddos coming out of the trail and I simply forgot to do it.  So I ran back and locked the car and ran back to where Mary & Bennie were waiting – got in a cheap 0.5 mile run.

It was a good thing that I did, because coming down a hill, I stepped a small twig going the same direction as my foot.  Yes I did my best impression of a uncoordinated buffoon and almost sat on my ass with my bad leg stretched completely out in front of me.
Yep – it hurt for a couple minutes, then I got up and walked it off.  I know that I slightly hyper-extended my knee a bit.  It wasn’t really painful, but it let me know exactly where it hurt.  When we got home I iced it and it felt better. I actually was being pretty smart, I decided not to go for my 2.0 mile run after that just to make sure it was okay.
That is why I was willing to take the cheap .5 mile run, I figured that I had earned it 🙂
Today was 82 degrees and high humidity – I didn’t know if I was swimming or running the air was so thick (this is for Maine – not down South).  The Blake Road sun field kicked my butt as usual.  I don’t know why I don’t just go the other way, which is not nearly as sunny – stubborness and stupidity is the answer.
The knee has felt better, but seemed to loosen up as I ran, but I started out pretty slow and wondered at first if it was a good idea to run at first.
First time this year that I came back from a run and looked like I had a bucket of water thrown over my head and shirt. I still don’t really like hot weather running, but I need to run to get back in shape.  But the past two days have been pretty miserable, actually the last three.
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