Two Hikes in Waterville Maine

We try to do a couple of local trails a week. This does a few things – it gives me an opportunity to get away from the house and the usual routine, use different muscles than I normally do and if I have any new gear I want to trail test, I can.
Most of all, it get me outdoor where I can listen to the birds sing, see nature and just enjoy my surroundings in a non-threatening environment.  You know part of the simpler and slower life that I have chosen.  I would much rather do this, than go to a mall or fight the crowds at a ball game.  I guess I enjoy peace and solitude too much.
The first hike was in back of Inland Hospital in Waterville last Wednesday, which is fairly new and the first time we had been on these trails.  We were a little rushed for time and there were a lot of people using the trails, so we didn’t stay around too long, but we will be back to try it when it is a little less busy.

Normal Picture
I am looking forward to exploring more of these trails later this summer, especially after everyone gets back to school.
Today’s hike over at Colby College. We have hiked this trail several times over the years (I used to trail run on it), it is a nice trail and has enough ups and downs to be slightly challenging right now with my knee.  I need to challenge what the knee can do and push it to do more.  This is a good trail for that, but it doesn’t over do it either.
It was a gorgeous day for a simple walk in the woods, I can’t think of too many things that I would rather of done this morning.  Perfect day.

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