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Month: July 2011

Getting Back In Bed With Google

Back in April I posted about Un-Googilizing my online presence. I felt I was using too many Google products to meet my needs, both as a school teacher and personally. At that […]

Downsizing and Slowing Down has Begun

Great-Great Grandfather Overlock – 1930’s photo Florence (Garland) Elston Photo Collection I have been struggling with how I view the minimalism, frugalism, suvivalism, simple living or self-sufficiency definitions for a while now. None the definitions […]

RunLog 7/3/11 – Amazing Run

Sunday// The best run of the year so far, so of course, I didn’t start the timer one my watch. Ah well the best laid plans, it is just as […]

RunLog 7/1/11 – July is Here

Today I ran my usual mile, it had been cool most of the day, at least until I started to run, it got into the 80’s after it had been […]

Changing How I Use Facebook

I am not a huge Facebook fan – there I said it. Even though I have been using Facebook for a while and even got so fed up with it that […]