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Month: August 2011

Who Do You Rely On in an Emergency?

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/26/11 Who do you rely on in an emergency? With Hurricane Irene barreling up the East Coast as I write this, I figure that […]

Back to Basic Cable

We have been thinking about dropping back to basic cable for a couple of months now. The cost of HD cable and High Speed Internet was over $120 per month, […]

Busy Every Day

The garden is starting to wind down, we pulled out the string beans Tuesday and are drying what was left on the vines on some old screens.  We have done […]

Providing gDocs Training 8/24/11

Originally at Simple Is Working – 8/24/11 Today I went back and had a taste of what my former life was like and it was a great reality check.  I […]

Eating More Simply

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/21/11 Over the past year I have changed what I eat for breakfast and lunch considerably.  As a result of my knee injury last […]

Personal Transportation and Self-Sufficiency

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/20/11 As we have moved more towards a more “self-sufficient” lifestyle over the past few years, I have identified areas that we are reliant on […]

Pick-Up Litter – #CTWW Challenge

Every Wednesday at Reduce Footprints there is a weekly #CTWW challenge related to becoming a little more green. This Week’s Challenge: “Let’s tackle litter this week. Litter is not only unsightly […]

This Season’s Firewood is Done!

Back on August 5th, Foster’s Tree Service came in and put 8 trees on the ground for me (for a price), but they were trees that I wasn’t comfortable putting […]

More Sabbatical Than Semi-Retirement

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/17/11 Today is August 17th, a day that I have looked forward to, but in some ways I have dreaded this day coming. It […]

You Are Not Indispensable

Originally at Simple Is Working – 8/14/11 Are you indispensable? Nope – sorry you are not. As summer break ends there has been the usual shuffle of staff throughout education […]

5 Obstacles to Becoming Greener

I want to believe that many people want to be more “green” or make their lifestyle more sustainable than it is now. However, there are some things that get in […]

Tuesday’s Quote of the Day

Originally at Simple is Working 8/9/11. With all the splitting wood that I have done and plan to get done over the next week or so I thought that this […]

Slowing Down What it Really Means

Originally at Simple is Working 8/9/11 As I move forward into my more simple life, I am noticing a bunch interesting changes in perspective that are really different from where […]