Sanders Hill Hike-Belgrade Maine 8-23-11

Originally at Simple is Working – 8/23/11

We finally got out and did a little more difficult hike, I have been a little wimpy with my knee, but it did just fine and now I have the confidence to go out and do more 🙂 which is a great thing.


It was a perfect day for a hike, cool (never got out of the 60’s).  The knee was fine, a little creaky at the end, but nothing serious, unlike last year when I hiked it last summer, I was still able to walk and do stuff afterwards.  Finally, starting to feel as though I am making progress.

I do like this hike, it takes about 2 hours to complete and except for the part on the 4 wheeler trail, is a nice hike.  It is challenging enough, but not so tough that you don’t want to go out and do it again and is a confidence builder for something a little tougher next time.

The trail is well marked and you don’t have to worry about getting lost, which is a consideration on less maintained trails.

Overall on a scale of 10
Enjoyment:  9
Difficulty:   4
Tiredness: 4

Sanders Hill Hike is one of those local hikes that you do again and again. All I know is that it was fantastic to be able to enjoy the hike, instead of suffering through it!

Now to get rid of the lardage.

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