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Month: September 2011

Looking Back At September 2011

Today is September 30th, my first real month of being on sabbatical or being semi-retired, whatever you want to call it, I don’t count the summer, because I would have […]

Expanding the Garden for Next Year

One thing I am learning about gardening as a beginner,  is that you have to start planning for next year’s garden right now. As part of preparing for next year, […]

Tomato Plants Have Been Pulled

Today has been a really busy day!!!!! The wife went ahead and pulled the monster Cherry and Roma tomato plant that appeared in our spring garden this morning.  The darn […]

A Great Choice for Lunch

The wife was over house-sitting for SD#2 and I could have eaten anything that I wanted for lunch, so what did I have – a salad. It was not just […]

Yep – Fall Is Here

Fall is definitely in the air around here.  Some of these pictures are from Friday and a couple from this morning. A view of the local bog, the reds and […]

The Difference is Time

Image By cogdogblog – Alan Levine School started a while ago without me and I have had a lot of people ask me what the biggest difference between teaching/working and what I […]

Week In Review – 9/24/11

This has been a very tough week.  I haven’t paid all that much attention to the blog or any other social media – oh once in a while I would […]

A Quick Update on Dad

It has been almost a week since my father had his heart attack, a lot has happened during this week, but the most important thing is that my father is […]

What Plant Is This?

Sorry I have not been around lately, but Dad went in the hospital with a  bad heart attack last Saturday, so blogging has not really been a high priority.  Thankfully, […]

Sarcastic or Caustic

Photo By Pink Sherbet PhotographyD. Sharon Pruitt Are you sarcastic or are you caustic? There is a difference: Sarcastic – You Use words for humorous affect, to emphasize a point, break […]

That Odd Old Bastard Down the Road

I remember growing up in my small town of Newport, Maine and how the good townspeople there would talk about those older adults (you know those people who were in […]

An Apology to Google and Blogger

Boy am I an idiot!!! Back on July 21st, I had to have been playing around with the settings in my Blogger account settings.  This was when I first got the […]

Social Media Doesn’t Mean Rats-Ass

Kolya MillerBy Kolya It is amazing how quickly your perspective changes after a family emergency.  Last night at this time I was all concerned about how I was going to justify changing […]

Owning My Mistakes and Moving-On

Over the past few days/weeks I have done a lot of looking at and thinking about “One Foot In Reality”. The basic question is what do I want from this […]