Walking the RailTrail from Hallowell to Gardner

Today was our errand day and we try to combine as many stops into one trip as possible, but at the same time we also ensure that Bennie gets his long walk in.  We use this time as an opportunity for him and us to see different areas around us than we usually do.  Over the last week Maine has had way too much rain to go on some of the local trails, unless you want to be ankle deep in mud or wearing hip waders in some places.

So we decided to do the Hallowell to Gardner portion of the RailTrail. We haven’t done this section since May 2010 and thought it would be the best place to go on a day like today.  Here are the pictures:

A small waterfall that at one time probably had a mill built on its side from hewn rocks around that look like at one time there was a dam here.


If you look close there is a bumblebee on the flower.
Mary liked the looks of these and I have to agree there is a magical look about them.
Bennie trying to stick his nose someplace it shouldn’t be.
What he was after.
The chipmunk was not all that scared of us standing there even with Bennie trying to get at him.
Just a view down the trail.
Our turnaround point.
Yes we got caught in a 5 minute squall that came barreling down the river.  It lasted just long enough to soak us and then moved downstream.
Looking upriver towards Hallowell
Another view looking upriver, you can just see the State Capitol Building at the left side of the picture.
We like this part of the rail trail, but I still don’t like walking that far on tar (around 3.5 miles)…my heels were killing me at the end, I just have to wear my sneakers, not my shoes, someday I will learn.  Bennie behaved himself a lot better than usual around bikes and other walkers, but we still have to work on the being around other dogs.  He likes to bark and wants to go play with them and forgets to listen to what we are saying – a lot like a bunch of 8th graders :-).
Overall good walk and we got most of the errands done, have to do a few more tomorrow.

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