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Month: November 2011

RunLog 11/30/11 – I Ran Anyway

Okay today was supposed to be a scheduled day off. Thanks to my compatriots on Twitter, I got the itch to run today.  It was just too nice a day […]

Running, Dogs and Trails – Part 2

In my Running, Dogs and Trail – Part 1, I discussed meeting dogs on the trail, when running or walking and offered up some observations and tips. This post is from the […]

RunLog 11/29/11 – Just Made it In

Once again the weather is unseasonably warm. I dressed in shorts, synthetic sleeveless shirt as my base layer, long sleeve synthetic and a orange cotton sleeveless shirt for visibility. I […]

RunLog 11/28/11 – Easy Run

I couldn’t believe it the weather today was warm enough for short and a long sleeve t-shirt! The sun was coming out just as I started running, after it being […]

Running, Dogs and Trails – Part 1

Image by FlyinPhotography via Flickr Yesterday I was out running a local trail system and had a dog encounter and to be very honest it bothered me – a lot, see my RunLog 11/27/11 post for […]

Week In Review – 11/27/11

My Week In Review is a little early this week, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference on anything. We made it through Thanksgiving without any […]

Seven Things About Me – Meme

There has been a meme going around the Internet lately and I was reading The Balance Project blog and she tagged anyone who read her 7 Things post to do […]

RunLog 11/25/11 – Glad I Waited

I am really glad that I waited to run after the walk with Bennie this morning. After walking almost 3.0 miles on the snow and white ice, my legs were […]

Eerie House Photos from this Morning

This morning I was out walking Bennie and each time present us with very different looks   The house had an eerie look to it with the snow fog surrounding […]

RunLog 11/24/11 – Turkey Day Easy Run

Today was bright sunshine, but the high was only 30’s when I ran. After yesterday’s Blizzard run, snow removal and waiting up late for a relative arrive, I was really […]