Klout Now Allows You To Delete Your Account

Over the course of the past couple of months, there has been a significant increase in the visibility of a site I joined a while back – Klout.  Not all of the attention has been shall we say complimentary, especially when it comes to privacy, which has been very negative.

Now usually I am not too worried about privacy on the Internet for the most part, because I don’t believe that there is any – privacy.

However, at the same time if more than a few of the techie people I follow on Twitter or Google+ raise concerns about something, then I start to get concerned and usually opt out of that service, much like I did with Facebook and a few others.

I really didn’t pay all that much attention to Klout and I don’t need a service setting a artificial number on my web presence, saying that I have clout (I spelled it correctly) in certain areas.  I don’t really worry about numbers (if anything I did everything backwards, my score kept going down), because I am strictly a small-time blogger, who is not marketing myself or my blogs very aggressively and my declining Klout scores showed it.

When I attempted to opt-out of Klout a while back, it was hassle and I gave up on it for later in the winter when I will have more time to mess with something like this.  Today in my Twitter stream @DannyBrown provided the following link to:

Klout Now Allows You To Delete Your Account on Punk Views on Social Media.

I read the article and followed the easy directions to delete my Klout account, which I did this afternoon.

Klout Screenshot – Edit Profile
Klout Screenshot – Confirmation of Klout opt-out

It was painless and easy, the way it should have been the first time.

The reality is from my perspective Klout was unnecessary to my needs as a Blogger or other things that I do on the Internet, so I got rid of it.

So goodbye Klout and I wonder how many other people did the same thing today? I know I was able to cross one more thing off my winter TODO list.

October 2011 – in Review

October was a very busy month!!!!

Dad got out of the hospital and is home being fiesty as ever, the garden and lawn are buttoned up, we survived the Blizzard of October 2011, and became a two-car family.  I started using Google+ as my primary Social Media hub and deleted Facebook, which I never really liked.

Mary started to contribute to One Foot In Reality and I resurrected/recreated an old blog called Aging Reluctantly, where I/we will write about things that don’t fit here and well the title kind of tells you a lot.

I had my fourth blogging anniversary.

Even through all that we managed to get out a few times and go for long walks (hikes) in the woods and I started running at least a couple of miles 4-5 days a week – Mary never stopped.

Below are our top ten posts based on pageviews for the month.

  1. Evernote as a Task Manager
  2. Opus Domini – Electronic Organizer Review
  4. Evernote Review
  5. Google’s Dynamic View – I Started Using It
  6. Mobile Me Review
  7. Blogger’s Dynamic Views Themes – My Thoughts
  8. The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin
  9. Apple Text-to-Speech – Review
  10. Google+ Review-While Keeping it Real

It seems that the posts with the most pageviews continues to be those related to reviewing tech related apps or software and 6/10 of the top 10 are from before my retirement.  That is not the direction that this blog is intentionally headed, as it continues to move toward more of a living simply focus, but it seems that a lot of people are very interested in other people’s opinions of how they are using technology, not just the bigwigs or people in the tech industry.

Therefore every so often we will continue to write about technology related “stuff” that we use and our opinions about them.  However, that is not the primary direction we are headed, but using technology is a part of living simply in today’s world.

No October was very busy, but it also was a very good month.