Google+ is Blurring the Lines for Bloggers

If you have been reading One Foot In Reality lately, you know that I have been spending a lot of time and effort figuring out how to use Google+.  Initially I planned to use it like I do Twitter – talk with people with common interests and publicize my blog posts. It has become much more than that and as I use it more, it is changing how I do and look at social media.

Since I started using Google+ some of my posts there have been longer than some of my blog posts and after writing them, I find that I wish that I had published them as blog posts.

This ability to write long posts is creating some confusion on my part for which service to use for what.

With Twitter it is easy, you are limited to 140 characters, not enough for most blog posts and even when I had Facebook I kept most of my posts very short and more personal, not much there that I would put in a blog post.  Most of the time I use these social mediums to publicize my blog posts, not instead of a blog post – in addition to communicating with others.

So one of the things I have learned about using Google+ is that it really blurs the line between your blog posts and Google+ posts. You almost have to make a conscious decision whether to write about something in your blog or simply do a g+ post about it.  I personally don’t think that it is in good form to do both with the same information.

Is this blurring of the lines a good thing?  From my perspective it depends on a couple of things and your view around those things.


Do you attempt to make money on your blog?

That includes that accidental money that we don’t expect, but is nice – even if it is only a few dollars a month?  If you do – then posting some of your ideas or pictures as Google+ posts instead of as blog posts, reduces your blog’s pageviews and potential clicks that could earn income for you – however large or small.  As far as I can tell, you can’t monetize your posts on g+ , have ads or a store in your sidebar to help make money.

So if this is a consideration for you, should you be giving up some of your better ideas or photos as posts on Google+ – essentially for free?

Pageviews and Stats

Are visitor stats important to you?

I know that so many of us claim that our stats doesn’t really matter, but for most of us – they really do. Blog stats massage our egos and lead you to believe that people are reading what we are writing – after all isn’t that why most of us blog – to be read?  If it isn’t about the money, then it probably is about readership, unless you are just publicly journaling and don’t really care about either.

Personally seeing that bar graph going up or down is something that I do pay attention to, whether I want to admit it or not.  The stats have become a little more important to us as we are attempting to monetize One Foot In Reality and Aging Reluctantly a little bit and bring in more accidental income.

When you see the green arrow going up this much, it shows how few pageviews OFIR was receiving in the past and possibly that some of the work we have put into One Foot In Reality is starting to pay off (pun intended) and more people might be reading what we are writing here.

The reality is that

for me Google+ is starting to change how I communicate using social media and where I do it.  I have already deleted Facebook and am starting to write less on my blog (even though I just started a new one today),  but I am writing more posts on Google+ and commenting more on other people’s posts on Google+ than I do or did in other places. Time will tell for me on how I use Google+ and how it impacts my blogs.

I still haven’t completely figured out how I want to use Google+, but I am a lot closer than I was last month at this time.  Now I just have to figure out where I want to put the lines in the sand to set my personal policies on blogging and Google+ – but I have a feeling that after thinking about it for a while, I will just wing it and see where it takes me.

What do you think, is Google+ changing how you blog?  Is that something you want or is blogging dying and the replacement Google+, Facebook or some other tool that can be used to communicate with others.