RunLog – November 5, 2011 – A Colorful Image

Wow what a beautiful day to run!

The sun was shining brightly and best of all very little wind (I hate running in the wind), which is unusual for November around here. Although it was in the low 40s, I only wore a t-shirt under my running jacket and a pair of light windpants.

I was very colorful though pants are red nylon, jacket is a bright green and a flourescent orange ballcap (it is after all hunting season and better safe than sorry), gotta get TheWife to take picture of me in this outfit so I can see how 80’s I look :-). Needless to say I was a brightly colored Christmas tree running down the road today – but people can definitely see me coming.

The first 1/2 mile is still the toughest part of the run, my knee doesn’t stop bothering until I get past that mark, then it doesn’t feel too bad. I guess the endorphins kick in. But after that I felt quite good and thought about doing one more mile, but I am really trying to run smart and for the long term not to pickup my mileage too soon.

After the run was over, I walked 1/2 mile for cool down and felt no pain in the knee, which is very encouraging and the best its been since the operation back in May. The physical therapist has been right so far when she told me that it  would be about six months before I would be walking pain free and it would take 8-12 months before I would run totally pain free. So I am a little ahead of schedule plan to keep it that way.

Overall a very good run.

Course:  Philbrick/Howard Circle 2 Laps
Distance: 2.0
Time:  No Time
Pace:  N/A
Weight: 179
Shoe:  Nike Air Presto
Time of Day:  10:30 A.M.

Another Blog Bites the Dust

No not One Foot In Reality – you guys are stuck with me here!

If that don’t beat all, I got my niche blog Aging Reluctantly all setup and even started posting to it and suddenly I am only an author on it? For some reason tonight I can’t access it as an Admin, which just isn’t going to cut it.


Strangely I was able to access Aging Reluctantly as an Administrator yesterday morning and I don’t remember making any changes to my settings? If past experience is an indicator – it is probably something that I did without realizing it and blame no one but myself. But still WTFO?

I am going to take it as a sign that I am not supposed to have a blog called Aging Reluctantly again, if I didn’t have access back in this morning.  Guess what I still don’t have access to the admin functions.

It is a little frustrating, but at the same time One Foot In Reality and Aging Reluctantly had a lot of topic overlap and while I am aging, I am not as passionate about the subject as I should be to have it be my niche blog. It is something that is happening to me, not something that I am enjoying doing.

What Niche do I fit?

No I would like to have a niche blog in addition to One Foot In Reality, someplace where the topic is completely different than OFIR and where I can experiment with a little different writing style. Something that I can grow slowly and not worry about it being my primary blog.

The niche has to be something that I have done for a while, am fairly knowledgeable about, love to do now and will be able offer some insight to others from my experiences. Let’s see what am I good at and passionate about?

  • Education – no thanks been there done that, time to move on
  • Special Education – same as above
  • Aging – Already explained why it is not working
  • Archery – love to do it but my expertise is more than 10 years old and I am not as active in it as I was, not cutting it.
  • Hiking – while I love walking in the woods, I don’t do it enough to write about it.
  • Technology – I love to learn new techie stuff and use my Mac daily to connect to the rest of the world, but the tech world is passing me by with tablets and smart phones – I don’t have either one and don’t see one in my immediate or long-term budget. No I will keep writing little reviews here at OFIR on tech, but not create yet another End-user blog.
  • Simple Living- A lot of topic overlap with OFIR and my other blog Simple is Working on that subject really didn’t work for me.
  • Gaming – it has passed me by, still love to do it, but I don’t enjoy online gaming and don’t have access to the new gaming systems – I guess my Never Winter Nights 2 doesn’t cut it as cutting edge.
  • Coast Guard – Been retired too long, my experience is 15 years outdated.

As you can see, the above process is something that I have been thinking about for a while, just compressed to fit this post. My niche blog needs to be about something that I do several times a week, miss when I am not doing it and have fought to try to get back to doing.

I believe that I have found the answer:  Running

Running Experience

I have been involved with organized running since the summer of 1970 when I began training for my high school cross country team and I was always running around before that, but nothing organized. That means I can check off having done it for a while – 40 plus years of experience isn’t too bad, I guess that I can call myself a veteran runner.

During my running career, I have seen the highs of being fairly competitive, finishing a marathon, meeting some really great people and the lows of being injured for extended periods of time and then fighting to come back to being a runner again. Running is something I do and even though I no longer am a competitive runner, I love to run and when I am not running consistently there is a large void in my life. I also used to be a bit of a shoe geek, so that will be helpful.

Running fulfills all of the criteria for the subject that I want to be writing about and I have a feeling that this is really what my niche blog needs to be about. Well it is time to quit fighting against whatever power is pushing me in this direction and see where it leads me.

What Name?

Now I just have to figure out a name for this new niche blog of mine and think I have found a name that fits and isn’t being used by someone else (which is difficult nowadays):

Running Jedi
I am a big Star Wars geek from when I snuck into a drive-in theater to see the original, on its release night and have seen all of them several times. To me Running Jedi sounds just geeky enough to be interesting and still give the reader a pretty good idea of what is going to be written about there. When I Googled it there are no other websites that came up.However, when this blog becomes wildly successful, I might run into some copyright issues when I start selling Running Jedi gear, so that name is out. As if, but you have to think positively and look down the road – just in case. It is too bad though, because I do like this name.
Veteran Runner
This one fits in two ways – (1) I am a veteran runner with over 40 years of organized running experience and (2) I served for over 20 years in the military and am considered a Veteran.  This blog name seems to fit pretty well, so my niche blog is going to be named Veteran Runner.The reality is that

this is correct direction for me to be going. I slept on this decision over night and Aging Reluctantly is still not allowing me to be the admin this morning. After thinking about it and not making one of my fabulously famous snap decisions, this is the correct decision.
I still plan to write mostly here at One Foot In Reality and it will remain my primary blog. Having a niche running blog as a secondary blog, where there is no pressure to write more than a journal entry will be more fun in the long run, than trying to figure out what to write about that relates to Aging Reluctantly.
Besides don’t all the big time bloggers have several blogs – ummm oh that’s right I am not a big time blogger, just some little guy out in the boonies, that evidently has too damn much time on his hands.
The Work Now Begins
Now the work begins, it will take a little while to get everything put together over at Veteran Runner, but that is okay, I have plenty of time get the blog setup and want to do it right this time. I am going to stay with Blogger, quite bluntly a self-hosted WordPress blog is not in the budget and I want to monetize this blog a little bit, so is out. No even with all of its warts Blogger still meets my needs better than other blogging solutions – right now.
Luckily I only published 3 posts on Aging Reluctantly and only plan to bring two of them over to One Foot in Reality, over the course of the next few days.
Long post, but it helped me work through something that has been in my craw for a long time and hopefully this will help me settle down and just blog.