RunLog 11/10/11 – First Run in Saucony Peregrines

After putting a hole in my old Nike Dual Fusions, I needed to get a new pair of running shoes and today I did. I got the Saucony Peregrine trail shoe. I wanted to run in them as soon as I got home, but it was pouring rain, so I decided to wait.

The rain slowed down to a light rain and I finally was able to run at 4:00P.M. So how did they do?

Really good. I never will say that a shoe is great, until I have run at least 50 miles in them, sometimes initial impressions, turn out to be very wrong and have for me all too many times in the past.

The Peregrines did a good job, but like any new shoe that I have run in there is some initial adjustment that needed to be made, tightening up laces, having to use double-knots, and just getting used to the way they feel. When I first run in a pair of shoes, I purposely run slowly for the first mile, stopping to change things as necessary and the round shoe laces do need to be double-knotted, otherwise you will be stopping to tie them all the time.

The second mile, I focused more on establishing a good rhythm going (still slow) and focusing on how the shoe itself feels, there were no hotspots, they felt light and quick. I really like the way the Peregrines felt on the wet surfaces I ran on tonight, they were very sure footed and didn’t slip around like other shoes I have run in.  I am really focusing on what I call whisper running, no slapping the ground and pounding my heels into the pavement. They did everything that I asked of them.

For my third mile, I did 8:00 minute pace surges for 50 yards at a time and then kicked at the end. Again the shoes felt light and quick and for my present level of fitness they are right there.

Since this is only my first run in the Peregrines, I want to remain conservative in singing my praises, but they compare very well with other shoes that I have really liked.  It will be interesting to see what my 50 mile review says about these shoes.

Overall run – very good.

Weight: 178
Time of Day:  4:05 P.M.
Temp:  53
Weather: Light rain – it was dark when I finished

No I Don’t Really Need A Niche Blog for Running

Scanned Photo fm 1975 Nokomis Regional High
School Yearbook

Yesterday I wrote:

Should Running be a Category on One Foot In Reality?

after reading

Smile. You’re on TV

and asked for reader’s input on whether I should add running as a category and post what I have been posting over at “A Veteran Runnah” or continue to publish to running related posts to “A Veteran Runnah” my new running blog that I created last week as a niche blog.

I got one comment that really made me stop and think.

“If you accept the idea that your blog is where and how you choose to represent yourself digitally then it only makes sense to add categories for different aspects of yourself rather than create distinct blogs for every aspect of your life.” – J.P.

Between Marcy’s blog post and this comment, I have have come to believe that I really don’t need an extra blog that focuses on just one part of my life – running, especially when  by doing so a significant interest is basically excluded from my personal blog.

I had thought about cross-posting interesting running related posts on “One Foot In Reality” and “A Veteran Runnah” and do this for a couple of weeks to see what readers here thought about adding running posts. However, this brings its own problems or issues and I have decided to not do this.

However, the more I thought about it, the more I believe that if I am going to do it, I should just do it and use #hashtags and my Google+ Circles to target who receives notification that I have published a new blog post.

So I plan to move posts from “A Veteran Runnah” to “One Foot In Reality” and start posting running related posts here. This will simplify my life quite a bit, add more variety to this blog and allow me to continue to focus on “One Foot In Reality”.

If at a later time I decide that this is not working then I will go back to posting running related writing to “A Veteran Runnah”.

New Running Shoes – Saucony Peregrine

Saucony Peregrine

After I somehow put a hole in my Nike Dual Fusions the other day I needed a new pair of running shoes. Shopping for a new pair of running shoes is one of those things I love and hate – all at the same time.

I love it because

I get to see all the new running shoes styles up close and personal. Instead of just reading reviews from other blogs, manufacturers websites, advertisements, magazines and other online review of those shoes. New shoes also tend to reinvigorate me to run more.

I hate it because

it usually takes me so damn long to try on 15-20 pair of shoes, 4-5 different stores and taking up half a day, just to figure out which pair of shoes I am actually going to put my money down on. An apt expression, because when you buy a new pair of shoes, you are gambling that the shoes you buy will work for you and in today’s market – almost $100 for a pair of running shoes is a healthy wager on a fixed income.

What was I looking for in a running shoe?

A shoe with a low heel-to-toe drop, heading down the minimalist running shoe spectrum. I have run in my old racing shoes pretty much for the past month, so I believe that they are rather minimalist anyway, so I wanted to go a step further this time (not quite ready for the Vibram 5 fingers yet).

Also winter is coming real soon, so that means a lot of outside running in crappy conditions, so the new shoes need to have good traction. Trail shoes have worked well as my winter running shoes in the past and I figured that they would again, so unless a pair of shoes just blew me away, I figured that I would end up with some sort of trail shoe.

Shopping locally

While I really prefer a small locally owned running shop, the nearest one is about 40 miles away in Brunswick and I really didn’t feel like driving there to get running shoes today. Those kind of shoe stores usually have people working there that actually use or have used similar shoes to the ones you are looking to buy and can offer some expert advice, that you might be able to use.

Unfortunately, there are no small running specialty stores in the Augusta area, so to do running shoe shopping locally, I have to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods, Famous Footwear, Lamey-Wellehan or Olympia Sports, which are okay, but sometimes the choice is not what I am looking for and the staff not as knowledgeable about running shoe design or uses.

First stop was Famous Footwear, I went in and looked around. The young woman who was there was nice enough and tried to be helpful, but when I said I was looking for minimalist trail running shoes. She looked at me with a blank look and then looked around a little nervously and said “mmmm you are in the running shoe section.” I told her I didn’t really need her help and kind of shoooed her away. I figured at that point I knew more about what I was looking for than she did.

The Shoe Choices

I looked around and they had 3 pairs of shoes, out of the 7-8 that I had researched online.

The shoes to try on

Adidas Response Trail

The Adidas just didn’t feel right and were quite heavy compared to the other 2, so they were the first to be put back. I have run in several different styles of Adidas shoes, but the only ones that I ever really had a lot of luck with were the original blue Marathon Trainers with the Dillinger Web (I had 3 pair of those). I would love to find a pair of those in a size 8 :-).

Reebok Realflex

The Reebok shoes were very comfortable on the right foot, but the left one there was something funny about the heel that made me think that these were going to be a blister in waiting. After taking them off and on 5 times and wearing them around the store, I decided against them. If it hadn’t been for how the left heel felt, I would have had a very difficult choice between the Peregrine and these, that is how much I liked the feel of the right foot.

Saucony Peregrine

Saucony Peregrine at home

The Saucony shoes just felt right the first time I put them on. However, they were also 8.5 and I have worn 8.0 for far too many years and was a little concerned that I was going to buy a pair of shoes that would be too large.

Unfortunately, the store didn’t have any 8.0s, but they passed the thumb test between my big toe and the end of the shoe.

However, the more that I wore them around the store (the other 5 times) though they definitely felt more and more comfortable and not too long (I have read that some other people have had sizing issues, so going up a 1/2 size didn’t concern me near as much as it would have otherwise). The Peregrines had enough room in the toe box and felt snug enough so that when I do run on trails, I shouldn’t have problems because of my foot moving around excessively.

Also, I have had several pair of Saucony running shoes (10+) over my running career, starting way back when the original Jazz, then the Dixons, plus a bunch of other Saucony models (I used to love going to the Saucony outlet store in Bangor, but it is now closed).

However, I stopped running in Saucony when my last pair of Hurricanes, had a higher heel than I wanted and it caused me some problems with my Achilles tendons. Now that Saucony is changing its line to lower heel-to-toe drop, I am much more interested in running in their shoes again.

Truthfully I did read a lot of reviews about the Peregrine before going out shopping and was leaning in that direction before I left the house this morning. From what I have read, that they are a high quality shoe that should meet my needs quite well.

Saving $10.00 didn’t hurt either.

Only one store!I still find it unbelievable, I had found a pair of running shoes that I liked in the first store and it only took me half an hour to get a pair of shoes – this has to be a new record. It did help that I have researched which running shoes I should get and had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for.The veteran runnah says

I feel pretty comfortable with the gamble (choice) I am taking on buying the Saucony Peregrines as my newest pair of running shoes. Now I just have to go out and try out these shoes beyond walking around in the store. Right now of course it is pouring rain, so I will wait a bit to see if it dies down a bit before I go get my feet wet.

After all I am one of those fair-weather runners 😉 .