RunLog 11/12/11 – Getting a Little Tired

Today was mostly gray and overcast, with a couple of brief moments of sun. The temperature never got out of the mid 40s and I was glad that I put on my long sleeve synthetic running shirt underneath my running jacket.
I was dressed just right with gloves on my hands and a Brooks hi-visibility hat on my head.

I probably should have worn florescent orange, because I was running in a heavily hunted area, but if they couldn’t see me with bright red wind pants, bright green running jacket and a yellow ball cap, something is wrong with their eyesight.

I ran down to where Tiffany Rd starts and back. I felt pretty good when I got back up the hill, so I added Howard Circle onto the end of the run. When I first started running the knee just felt tired and a little sore, but as I warmed up it loosened up and felt pretty decent. I won’t win any races right now, but I am running and that is the important thing.

I think that I am going to really the Saucony Peregrines, this is the third run in them and I haven’t developed any hot spots, my forefoot has plenty of room and I seem to settle into my new form (old form, the way I ran a long time ago, with a galaxy of stars long since forgotten) of running quicker than with some other shoes that I have been wearing.

Wow I can’t believe that if I ran 4.0 miles tomorrow that I would actually go over 20 miles in a week, which is my goal for the end of December.  I just have to be careful to make sure that I don’t increase my mileage too fast and injure something.  Maybe tomorrow I will just do an easy 2.0 and call it good – if I am smart that is.

Overall it felt slow but very good run.

Weight: 177
Temp: 44
Weather: mostly cloudy and breezy – felt colder than it said.