RunLog 11/17/11 – It’s Starting to Feel Like November

Yes Bobbi it is warmer there, but don’t get any closer!

Today was one of those gray days, that feel a lot colder than they are. The thermometer says the temperature was 45 degrees when I ran an hour ago, but it sure as the dickens felt a looooot colder than that with a 10 mph breeze blowing straight out of the North.

No it really is starting to look and feel a lot like mid-November, plus there is a difference in the sounds you hear. If you are outside a lot, you just know  the change is coming.

We took Bennie Bean on his long walk, down to the Town Office and back instead of taking a vehicle. We had some stuff to do there (yes they got more of our money), but they are just under 2 miles away, so it was a good walk, but cold where the wind could get whipping around. We saw an eagle flying overhead, while coming back, they are really an impressive sight when they are flying overhead.

As soon as we got back I went out and did a pretty quick 2.0 miles at about 70% effort level. I really didn’t feel like it. However, now that I am back to being able to run, I am not going to waste a day to not doing it, whenever I can avoid it. I do plan to have a rest day here and there, I am not into Streaking.

The run itself was actually pretty good, I focused on my form and foot strike. That is working really well and the last 1/2 mile I was able to increase my leg turnover and get up on the balls of my feet more. I won’t say I was sprinting at the end, but I was going right along.

No complaints about aches and pains, my right hip felt good (been stretching it) and the right knee only twinged a couple of times, so that is getting better also. The more I run in the Peregrines the more I like them, they are comfortable, but not soft feeling and have done well on any running condition that I have used them on so far.

Very Good Run

Time of Day:  12:00 P.M.
Temp: 45