RunLog 11/26/11 – Run With TheWife

Wow, things got a little crazy and I almost forgot to post my RunLog entry for today.

Today, I ran with Mary for the first time since before I hurt my knee back in February 2010. It was great to run with her again. Running together is something that we did from the time we met until I got hurt, it was an important and positive part of our relationship.

It was overcast and cloudy, but it was crazy 51F and I was wearing only shorts, double layer on top, with a fleece, gloves (my hands are always cold – just ask Mary) and ball cap.

Today we ran the first lap together, both of us were a little out of sorts and took most of the first lap to find our rhythm and then Mary did her course and I went down and around Howard Circle. This meant she was quite a ways ahead of me when I got off the Circle. I really tried to push and catch her, but she is too fast for that. I did close the distance to less than 15 seconds at the finish and believe that my final mile was well under an 8:00 minute pace, which was very encouraging.

It only took about a half hour to get my breath back (exaggeration alert), actually a couple of minutes and the knee didn’t feel bad at all – all good signs. Now to just keep getting rid of the flubber and not get too encouraged by my progress and do something really stupid to get injured. No roofs and no racquetball.

Overall run: Very encouraging
Time of Run: 3:30 P.M.
Weight 177
Temp: 51F
Weather: Overcast, no wind

I can’t wait to start running more often with Mary, even though she says she never runs very good with me. It seems that I want to be a step in front and yak too much ;-).

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