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Month: January 2012

Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

Running has been one of my passions for many years. It has helped me through some very tough times, is part of some fantastic memories and allowed me to meet […]

AVR Week In Review – 1/29/12

The big news of the week was that I moved “A Veteran Runnah” from Blogger to, after thinking about it last weekend, I decided to just do it. The […]

How Did the Move to Go?

Last Monday, I decided to switch over my blog to and I explained my reasons in my post Switching to This week has flown by and while I […]

Are You Courteous to Fellow Runners

Over at “A Sabbatical, of Sorts” he talks about waving or at least acknowledging other runners when they go by. Here is a link to his post: Wave to fellow […]

Does a Faster Cadence Help?

Over the past couple of months I have read a few “how to run better” books and some of them talk about using a metronome to help you run at a higher cadence (about […]