Notta Road O/B – Janathon Day 2 – 1/2/12

Today was another great day for a run, I decided to change it up a little bit though. I was scheduled for a 3.1 and after looking at the weather forecast (it is supposed to get downright chilly (single digit chilly), I thought a 5.0 miler would be easier to do today than tomorrow.  I don’t mind running in the cold, I just don’t like running a long way away from house when it is that cold, it is just safer to run closer to the house and I hate doing 5 or 6 laps to get that distance in.

Blake road with lots of ice


Different Section with even more ice – yes I am a wimp when it comes to running on ice.

I thought about doing the Middle Road Loop but almost a mile of the course was still too iced up to run on safely. So I ended up doing Notta Road.

You gotta be flexible in the winter time – all runs have to be run around what mother nature has planned or done, not what you want. If you try to fight her, she will eventually get the best of you in put you in a bit of a bad spot. So personally, I adjust my runs around the weather or conditions and don’t usually put myself in a bad situation by being stubborn – My plan says 5.0 miles today and by damn that is what I am going to do! Be flexible it is much safer.

I planned for this longer run to be a slow run – right around a 10:00 minute mile pace, especially since I had run a little bit faster yesterday. I almost broke the 8:00 minute per mile pace barrier for the first time this year. I don’t have any PRs remember I reset them all on 1/1/12 :-).  I didn’t look at my watch the whole time and almost hit it dead on finishing in 49:41. The back road was a bit muddy and icy in spots, so it was a good thing to run a little slower down there.

The knee was a little tight to begin, but it loosened up by the Steven’s lower gate and felt pretty good all the way. I focused more on running tall and proper foot plant today. Looking back at my footsteps coming down, I am still toeing out too much, but still making progress from where I began. Staying tall was tougher, but it is something that I need to work on and I need to strengthen my core some more to help do it better.

Quality of Run: Great Recovery Run
Weight: 172 (going in the wrong direction Buddy)
Time of Run: 1:10 P.M.
Temp: 37
Weather: Sunshine with 10 mph NW wind
Clothes:  XC Sporthill Running Pants, Merino Wool Socks, U/A Compression Shorts & undershirt, Nike long sleeve compression shirt, fleece vest, Brooks HiVis hat, fleece gloves


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