Earth Rocket Running Shoes – Janathon Day 3 1/3/12

Today I ran two runs, well they were consecutive, but there is a method to my madness. At least I think there is.

I ran in my old Earth Rocket running shoes for the first time in a long time today and they are not a shoe you can just go ahead and run in, since they have a 11 degree negative heel. You have to work up to be able to run in them without everything hurting, but they do force you to run on your forefoot and not strike with your heel.

I was able to get almost a mile done in them and I decided not to be stooopid (very unusual for me)- I was feeling some different muscles being worked and didn’t want to overdo things the first time in them.  They did force me to use my forefoot a lot more, but sitting here writing this post – I am glad that I stopped running in them when I did.

I came back out in my Peregrines and today was simply to work on my form and nothing else, so I went slow and continued to work on my keeping my feet straight (as much as possible) and running tall. Running in the Rockets was a good thing, it made me realize how it should feel and I was able to duplicate that stride for most of the run in the Peregrines. I had to focus on what I was doing, but I have a feeling that I will run a mile or so to warm up in the Rockets for a while (until I can go further in them) and then switch over to my Peregrines for the rest of the run.

It was a cold wind out of the North at about 20 mph and it is only 23 degrees outside, so it wasn’t all that pleasant, but hey this is winter in Maine – I am just glad that I put the fleece on over everything else, it was just enough.

Quality of Run: Nice slow run to work on form
Weight: 171
Time of Run: 10:45 A.M.
Temp: 23F
Weather: Cold and windy 20 mph out of north w/higher gusts, but lots of sunshine
Clothes: Merino Wool socks, lined nylon wind pants, NB tech shirt, Long sleeve cotton t-shirt (yes I know cotton), NB Running Jacket, Fleece, EMS Winer headband, Brook HiVis ballcap

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