Plantar Fasciitis Flareup Day 5 #Janathon – 1/5/12

Damn, Damn, Damn, triple damn. I have the beginning ugly little flare of pain in my right plantar. Been using tennis ball therapy all day and think I have caught it before it became a major flare-up.

Not feeling too bad right now! I will see how it is in the morning.

Fortunately I haven’t had any abnormal aches or pains until this little beastie started to raise it ugly head and have a pretty good idea of what is causing it. The Earth Shoe Rockets.

I have been walking around in them quite a bit the last few days as an experiment to teach myself more of a forefoot landing with these shoes. They are a very, very stiff shoe and it is the only change that I have made in the last few days to anything with my footwear. I have been wearing very flexible shoes and with how stiff the Rockets are, I am pretty sure that was the cause of the beginning of this flare-up.

That experiment failed miserably – that is why they are called experiments and we usually learn more from our failures than we think. Those shoes are now in the give away pile in the back of the garage. Nice idea, just not for me.

What did I learn this time: Listen to your body and when it is talking back to you, try to figure out why it is talking to you.

I can honestly say I am glad that this was a scheduled day off. Otherwise I would have run in the Rockets and may have really gotten a case of Plantar Faciitis going. I know that I am going to have to really be careful for the next few days to ensure it doesn’t happen. Cross my fingers. Otherwise, I needed the day off, the rest is good for me. There I finally admitted it.

So what did I do to keep my #Janathon workout streak going I walked 0.8 miles and then another 3.5 miles with the dog (and TheWife) this morning, then tonight did another 0.5 miler and did a bunch of stretching during the day.

Then we went to Barnes & Noble and bought a new book on running “Brain Training for Runners” by Matt Fizgerald.

Quality of Run: DNR
Time of Run: DNR
Temp: 21F
Weather: Felt a lot colder than the temps, sunshine with a slight breeze
Cothes: DNR

New Twitter Client – Janetter

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I know that this is a running/fitness blog, not a software review blog.

However, one of the main ways that many runners and fitness types choose to stay in contact with each other in the running/fitness online community is by Twitter.

If many of us didn’t have good access to Twitter, our communications would slow considerably and the community would not be as tight-knit as it is now.

As most of you who read this blog know, I am on Twitter a bit and use it to keep track of what my fellow peeps are doing, learn more about things that I am interested in, find new blogs or people to follow and help publicize my blog posts.

For most of that time I have been on Twitter I have used TweetDeck’s desktop software and while it wasn’t perfect, it was really the best of the ones that I had tried – for me.

TweetDeck Stopped Working

Last night for some reason my old version of TweetDeck stopped working properly and I couldn’t login to send my tweets and timeline wasn’t working properly. So I thought that I would simply reload it and start over again.

Needless to say it didn’t work out that way! Twitter bought TweetDeck a while back, has worked to improve it and switch from Adobe Air to HTML5. Well when I reloaded TweetDeck and started to use it, the changes did not impress me at all. I needed to search for a new one as quickly as possible.

I like to have my Twitter client running in the background with my Timeline showing and the edge of my Vetrunnah search column – so I can see if someone has mentioned or is “talking” to me, while I am working in other windows. That way I can glance over and see what is going on, when I want to. Also when I click on the program it shows all the columns that I follow regularly.

It works for me.

What Didn’t Work for Me

The new TweetDeck just didn’t do what I wanted for this and many of the old options that I really liked were gone. Yes it is a free program so I can’t complain about it too much, but many of the reasons that I used TweetDeck were no longer there for me and frustrated me.

I spent the next two hours searching, trying and discarding several different Twitter clients looking for one that could give me a similar experience to the old TweetDeck that I liked. I downloaded or tried the Twitter app, HootSuite, Echofon Lite, Seesmic Desktop 2, and the new TweetDeck again, but none of them did what I wanted and just didn’t feel all that intuitive to me.

Finally going through the Apple App Store (I was even thinking about paying for one if it worked the way that I wanted), I saw a Twitter application that I had never tried before called Janetter. I figured that it couldn’t any worse than the others that I had tried, so I downloaded it.


Almost immediately, it intrigued me and as I dug more into it and started to use it a little, I became even more impressed. I can change the size of the columns (which is a big deal to me), there are a few different themes to try, if someone is replying to a tweet it shows the tweet being replied to, has multiple columns showing and basically does everything I was looking for in a Twitter client.

The biggest difference that I have noticed that is doesn’t have that the old TweetDeck had is no slider to go between column. Instead of the little bars to click on at the bottom, it names the column and you can click on that column and go to it, which once I get used to it, I think I will really like.

Janetta has many more options than the other Twitter clients that I tried and you can change it to pretty much meet your needs and how you want to view your Tweets. There is a bit of a learning curve, because it does things slightly differently than TweetDeck, but I am getting used to those differences pretty quickly and actually think that once I get used to them, that I am going to really like Janetter – a lot!

Other Considerations

I believe that Janetter is a Japanese product that is available for the Mac or PC. Unfortunately, it does not integrate with other social media options like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The only choice I could see was Twitter, but that is not a feature of TweetDeck that I used all that much any way. Product support could be an issue, but that is something I usually am not too worried about, especially when it comes to free software – you get what you pay for, but they might surprise me.

The reality is that

unfortunately, I was forced into looking for a new Twitter client because I did not like the changes that Twitter has made to TweetDeck since acquiring it – it stopped doing what I wanted it to do. While there are a lot of Twitter client options out there none of them did what I wanted until I tried Janetta.

I have used Janetter since about 9:00 P.M. last night and am very happy with it so far.

Having a Twitter client that I enjoy and like to use is very important to me, since almost all the time that I am on the computer it runs as a side bar on my laptop. It will be interesting to see what I am using as a Twitter client in a couple of months, but if I had to go on what I know now, I would be putting very good odds on Janetter.

FCC Disclaimer: No one has paid or provided me with any other compensation to give a review of Janetter, these are simply my first thoughts about a software product that I just started using on my computer.