Good Recovery Run & Day 10 Janathon 1/10/11

After yesterday’s 8.0 mile run, today was definitely a recovery run!!!

My right hip and hamstring were barking at me a little, but they always do when I first go longer. I just need to stretch them out and massage them a bit and then they stop yapping. What I was most impressed about this morning was that my knee did not bother anymore than it usually does at the start of a run. I am glad that I went ahead and did a slow run today.

Those days of doing a long run (for me) and then the next day doing a track or hill workout are over. The old body needs time to rest and recuperate a bit more than it used to. Slowly but surely getting that through my thick head.

I ran in the Brooks Ravenna, just to change the stride and landing a little bit from the Peregrines, I have been looking for a pair of shoes to alternate between with my Peregrines and right now the Ravenna’s are all that are in the stable. They worked well, but seem a bit tight in the toes, so I don’t plan to use them for more than recovery runs right now.

The run itself was just to recover from yesterday, so I purposely kept it at a slow even pace and worked on quiet running and keeping my arms from crossing over. Felt really good! I think that some the changes to my form that I have been trying to do are starting to take hold. I don’t have to think as consciously about what I am doing to maintain better form.  Making progress!

Considering a recovery run a 9:00, when not too long ago, I thought 9:00 was fast. Losing weight and getting in shape, do make a hell of a lot of difference.

Quality of Run: Very good recovery run
Time of Run:  10:30 A.M.
Temp: 36F
Weather: Overcast and snow flurry
Clothes: dressed perfect for short run

This is Day 10 of #Janathon

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