1st Blogiversary 3.5 Mile Virtual Run – 1/13/11

I was tired from a 2.0 mile Bennie walk this morning and decided to wait until this afternoon to do my run.

Well waiting until later didn’t help this run at all! I thought that I would wait for the roads to clear a little bit after the 5 inches of snow last night.

One problem, as the day went along, it turned to freezing rain and we had a small thunderstorm, just about the time I was ready to go out and run. I may be lots of things, but lightning scares me, I waited.

Then the torrential downpour came, luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes. However, once I got outside to run, it started misting again, then turned to rain and the temperature was dropping. Great icing conditions.  Finally about 3/4 of the way through the run it stopped raining. 🙂

This is also the day that I decided to do the Running, Loving, Living’s 3.5 Mile Virtual Run (see Toni’s post). Instead of racing this run, I just went slow and steady and focused on how I was planting my feet. Ended up being one of my slowest runs in a long time, but I didn’t care, it was also one of my toughest.

Here is why:

It may not look that bad, but is was pretty icy when walking on it.



Just to show that I was out in this crap and how much better my stride is getting!!!!


Showing that I ran the 3.5 distance 🙂

The time is probably off by a minute, due to taking pictures, but they were worth it.

Quality of Run: Considering conditions, very good
Time of Run: 3:00 P.M.
Temp: 29
Weather: Freezing Rain/Downpour

Day 13 of #Janathon

Saucony Peregrines – After 200 Miles Review

Over the course of the past three months, I have steadily increased my running, both the distance and the speed. Part of this story is the shoes that I have worn – Saucony Peregrines.

I did a lot of research last fall, both on the Internet and in my running logs to figure out what type of shoes that would best fit my personal running style, as well as what I ran in when I wasn’t injured.

What it finally came down to for me at least, was that I didn’t get injured as often in low heel height, light weight shoes that help promote forefoot striking.

I may be all wet, but I strongly believe that when a runner is mismatched to a shoe style that is at least part of the reason that running injuries happen.

There were several shoes that fit that description, but I also run in Maine during the winter, run a few trail runs, as well as running on the roads and dirt roads. I have used trail shoes in the past for winter running with very good success, so I was looking for a lightweight trail shoe with somewhere between a zero and 8mm drop.

After looking at and trying on different styles and other trail shoes, I settled on the Saucony Peregrines. They felt the best in the store (they didn’t let me run outside in them) and I have had good luck with Saucony’s in the past, so I bought them.

How have they done?

They are a great shoe! They have done everything that I have asked of them and below is a quick video review of my Saucony Peregrines:

Sometimes a video and pictures give a better idea of how these shoes look after the 200 miles than me writing and rambling on and on about them.

For a pair of running shoes with over 200 miles on them the Peregrines have held up extremely well. I am not easy on shoes, the soles tend to wear out rather quickly and the uppers tend to get ratty as well. In all of my other Saucony running shoes, my left foot wears the fabric/cushioning inside of the heel down to the cup and makes it so I can’t wear them for running anymore (blisters). This has not happened with the Peregrines, which means I can keep running in them :-).

From what I can see now (unless they have an auto-destruct sequence built-in at a set amount of miles), my Peregrines should be able to go another 200-300 miles, before they are retired to less strenuous duty.

Now is the time to start researching, to figure out what my next pair of running shoes will be.  Especially since they have to be put in the budget and planned for. After all I am starting to put more miles on my shoes and should have another pair to rotate in when these have 300 miles on them.

I do know that I will start with the Saucony Peregrines at the top of the new running shoe list. For me to choose something different, I will have to have my socks blown off.  There are the newer zero drop or 4MM drop shoes that have piqued my interest from Altra, Skora, New Balance and Brooks. Even the Vibram Five Fingers are a possibility.

However, if I had to choose one pair of shoes today, a new pair Saucony Peregrines would be back for round 2. They have done everything I want from a running shoe on roads, trails, dirt roads, snow and slush. Plus they are a nice looking shoe.

FTC Disclaimer:  I have not received any sort of compensation for doing this review. These running shoes were a pair that I purchased and have personally used.  The views posted in this blog are my thoughts on a product that I have used and liked.