Winter Running Pictures – Janathon Day 20

This is a three day update for continuing my #Janathon streak of at least 1/2 hour workout to 20 days. With all the problems that I had been having with my Internet Service Provider, these log entries seemed to take a back seat to everything else that I wanted to get done.

Wednesday – was a very slow 3.2 mile recovery run that I finished in 29:02. After Tuesday’s faster for me run, my legs need the easy workout, so I purposely kept it very slow.
Thursday – Rest Day, but I walked Bennie a total of 3.3 miles, so the streak is still alive.

Friday – We got 6″ of snow, so I had to walk behind the snow blower for 1 1/2 hours to clean the driveway and do some shoveling to cleanup the rest. That usually takes a lot out of me, but I felt pretty good afterwards.  However, I was planning a long run today, so I didn’t just go and run as soon as I finished – don’t have that much piss and vinegar left in the old bod.

At 2:00 I decided to go for my 6.0 mile run. I could either do laps or take a chance on going down back. I have been doing laps and had had enough of that crap, so I went down back. Big mistake – 6 inches of fluffy white powder on top of ice is not a good thing.

This is an out and back course so I had to run through this crap twice…I am an idiot, but I survived. Once I got over to the Quaker Rd, it was pretty good running, except where the road was starting to re-freeze again – you just had to really pay attention to where and how you ran.  I also didn’t notice how much the wind was blowing until I got to the cornfields, it sure was blowing the, which brought the temps down pretty good.

This wasn’t one of my fastest times or longest runs, but it was one of my toughest runs in a long, long time.

Any run is a good run, but I will admit I was glad when I got to the top of that last hill.  However, I did notice that when  got back on good road, I ran much more gently than before. Running on snow covered ice teaches you how to plant your foot to not slip and slide as much.

Today’s Run

Quality of Run – Slow and tough
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Temp:  24F
Weather: Sunshine after the snow storm.