Running in Shorts on January 24th = WOW!

It was absolutely gorgeous outside for a January day. We normally would call this the January thaw, but I don’t remember one this warm.

It was so warm that I ran in SHORTS!!!!! along with a long sleeve t-shirt and some gloves.

I am not going to lie and say I missed winter running, running in shorts today invigorated and motivated me to want to run :-).

Today was supposed recovery day from yesterday’s 8.0 miler. I did great starting out slowly, but without all the winter gear on I just naturally picked up my pace without really even trying. When I do a 8:16 pace without putting a lot of effort into it, it means that I am doing okay.  The last mile was probably around 7:30 or less.

I really focused on my foot plant and running tall (well as tall as a short guy can run). I think those running on the ice long runs have helped with picking up my foot instead of toeing off.

Quality of Run: Good recovery run
Time of Run: 2:30 P.M.
Temp: 48F
Weather: Clear Sunshine

Why Run a Marathon?

Something that has bothered me a bit since I have returned to running is the emphasis that seems to be placed on running certain distances. The one that comes to mind immediately is the Marathon.

It seems that many of the blogs and people who I follow on Twitter or other social media sites are talking about running a marathon this year. Why?

What is the allure or appeal of being able to run 26.2 miles?


I have  a DNS, DNF and finished a marathon in my running portfolio and want to train for another in 2013, but only if my body holds up well through the half-marathon distance this year. All the talk on the social media sites tempts me to try one this year and I am valiantly trying to resist this temptation.

If I am able to run the 2013 edition of the Marine Corps Marathon, it would be 30 years after my finish of the Marine Corps Marathon back in 1983 – just a little long-term planning here.


However, being able to run a marathon semi-decently requires a long period of  training and commitment. During marathon training there are many opportunities to get injured, spend significant time away from the family and spend a lot of money.  All of which can negatively impact a runner’s life or lifestyle.

Why do we do it?

Is it the physical challenge that it represents?

Or is there something “more” about that distance that causes so many runners to attempt one over the course of a year.

Why do you want to run a marathon or why did you run a marathon?

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I would like to hear your opinions on in the comments about

“Why Run a Marathon”?

Especially when other running distances can be just as challenging, but for different reasons.